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Chinese Tibetan cultural exchange group visits Denmark

Time: 25-09-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

On 20th September, the Chinese Tibetan cultural exchange group organized by the information office of The State Council of China held a discussion with officials from the international department of the Danish parliament in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the first western countries to establish diplomatic relations with China, and the two countries will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties next year. The Danish government has always adhered to the one-china policy and recognized that Tibet is an inalienable part of China, which is also the consensus of most parties in the Danish parliament.

Zhang yun, head of the exchange delegation and director of the historical research institute of the Chinese center for Tibetan studies, said the friendship between the two countries has a deep foundation and he hopes the two countries can also enhance exchanges and eliminate misunderstandings on Tibet-related issues.

He pointed out that there are two main misconceptions about Tibet in western society. One is the misunderstanding of historical cognition. Tibet is not only a part of China today, but also a part of China in the past. However, some western media and textbooks ignore historical facts, distort black and white, and cause misunderstanding among ordinary western people. Second, there is a misunderstanding of the cognition of reality. Over the past 60 years of democratic reform, Tibet has made great achievements in economic and social development. However, some western media's coverage of Tibet is full of prejudice and totally different from the facts.

Hansson, an adviser to the international department of the Danish parliament, recalled his trip to China in the winter of 2000 when he took a bus into Tibet only to be turned back by a snowstorm. The group said it is now very convenient to travel from all over the country to Tibet, with the option of flying, traveling by train, driving or even walking. Now the local medical treatment, accommodation and other conditions are very convenient, even in winter, there are a lot of tourists to Tibet. Tibet government even launched a "winter tour to Tibet" program, which held a series of special activities in the winter, and the hotel will offer discounts in the winter.

During the visiting, the delegation also held discussions with Danish politicians, academics and overseas Chinese. Denmark is the first stop of the Chinese Tibetan cultural exchange tour to Europe. After that, the delegation will visit Finland and Sweden.

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