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The Second Tsampa Festival Is Approaching

Time: 27-09-2018 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

The second Tsampa Festival is to be held in Duilongdeqing County at September 28. With the news that was released, lots of Lhasa citizens and tourists show their desire to attend it. For thousands of years, Tsampa (roasted qingke barley flour) is the most indispensable food in Tibet as only the Qingke has grown tenaciously in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Tsampa culture is the best proof of Tibetan’s affection to Tsampa.

Tsampa Festival

The times are changing, but people’s love for Tsampa is always the same. Tani, senior folk expert in Tibet& traditional cultural research scholar, said in the literature, the history of planting of barley can be traced back to the Paleolithic age, which means that our ancestors began planting barley as early as millions of years ago, and the record of Tsampa has a history of 3800 years. He also said Delongduiqing, Tibetan means the heavenly land, with unique geographical advantages, is a good place to create a high-quality Tsampa.

The raw material of Tsampa is Qingke (green barley), and eating it can protect the stomach and cardiovascular. It also can help control blood sugar, which is one of the reasons why it beloved by Tibetans.

In Tibet, people are used to placing and eating Tsampa in a wooden box painted with dragons, phoenixes leaves and other patterns. Some boxes are packed in gold, silver and copper. In order to carry them out, people also put Tsampa in cloth pockets or leather pockets; meanwhile bring ghee, tea, salt and bowls. You can have a good meal with hot water together with Tsampa.

With the developing of the times, the variety of products is developed from traditional Tsampa, which satisfied different people. It also shows that although people's pursuit of food is changing, the love for you is always the same.
Since the launch of the protection of intangible cultural heritage, the Tibetan government regards it as the top priority. Duilongdeqing County is also making efforts to make Tsampa become a representative intangible cultural heritage project project with rich local characteristics, solid mass foundation and broad development prospects

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Good Morning

Would  it possible for you organize a trip beginning from Xining, reaching Lhasa with the train, after go on with your Lhasa to Nepal Friendship Highway Tour, 8 days long, ending in Katmandu?

We are 6 people and if it's possible we should  like to have an Italian Speaking guide in Tibet.

Range of Hotels is 3 stars.

The trip has to begin from Xining on day 22nd of April.

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Dear Ms. Gi***,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. Taking train from Xining to Lhasa will cost you about 21 hours (one night) on the train, and we are happy to help you book train tickets. And we are glad to help you arrange Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour. Please kindly note that there is only one Italian speaking guide in Tibet, if you prefer Italian speaking guide, please book tour with us in advance, so that we will have enough time to book guide for you. I will send detailed itinerary and quotation to you by email, please check it for more details. Thanks & Regards

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Hello, I am considering booking this trip late October. Can you advise on the price of the Single supplement please? Thank you, Liliane

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Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. You are welcome to join in the tour in late Oct. And we have 6days Lhasa to Shigaste group tour open on n21st, 24th and 28th Oct at this moment, and you can decide to join in any date. No problem that if you would like to have 1 room on your own, and the single supplement is 640RMB for the whole tour. Or if you do not mind to share room with someone, we will try our best to find a roommate for you. I will send the tour details and quotes to your email, please check it there. Best regards. 

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Hi , I am a travel agent in India, and we plan visiting Lhasa and EBC through Kathmandu, overland in May.Please send us Your best rates for a group of 10 members

Answered by Helen

Dear Mr. To***, 

Thanks very much for your enquiry, and welcome you to join our tour. We are glad to help you arrange Kathmandu to Lhasa via EBC overland tour in May, I will send detailed itinerary and quotation to you by email, please check it for more details. Warm regards.

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