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Price Reduction for Two National Parks in Tibet

Time: 09-10-2018 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

It is reported that in order to promote the high-quality development of tourism in Tibet and further implement the State Council's "Government Work Report" on reducing the price of tickets, The Government of Tibet Autonomous Region decide to reduce the ticket prices of some scenic spot in Tibet firstly, which includes Everest National Park and Namtso National Park.

Everest National Park
Everest National Park

From October 1, 2018, the ticket price of the Everest National Park will be reduced from 180yuan/person to 160 yuan/person.

Namtso National Park
Namtso National Park

The ticket price of Namtso National Park in peak season will be reduced from 120yuan/person to 11yuan /person, and the price of low season will not be adjusted.

It is learned that after the price adjustment, all scenic spots in the Tibet Autonomous Region should strictly implement the relevant regulations such as clear price, timely publicize the ticket price after the price reduction in the scenic portal website and the toll booth, and the preferential policies for ticket reduction and exemption to protect tourists' right to know. There shall be no price violations such as disguised price increases, bundled charges, and alternative fees, and consciously accept the price, tourism, cultural relics departments and social supervision at all levels .

In the China Tibet Tourism&Culture International Expo held in September 9, 2018, the winter preferential policy on the price was released, which is the 3A-Level and above will implement free tours, and the accommodation and transportation costs are not higher than 50% of the peak season price. It is understood that it will not in conflict with the price adjustment. Take the Namtso National Park as an example. The previous implementation of the winter fare of 60 yuan per person is the price standard under the long-term certainty policy, while the winter tour of Tibet is not required to buy for a certain period of time. Tickets are temporary policies and the two do not conflict.

By making more preferential policies of Tibet Tourism, Tibet Autonomous Region is aiming to promote Tibet Tourism and satisfied People's needs for better life.

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user portrait Ms. Gi*** from: Lhasa to Nepal Friendship Highway Tour

Good Morning

Would  it possible for you organize a trip beginning from Xining, reaching Lhasa with the train, after go on with your Lhasa to Nepal Friendship Highway Tour, 8 days long, ending in Katmandu?

We are 6 people and if it's possible we should  like to have an Italian Speaking guide in Tibet.

Range of Hotels is 3 stars.

The trip has to begin from Xining on day 22nd of April.

May you quote this trip?

Many Thanks


Answered by Helen

Dear Ms. Gi***,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. Taking train from Xining to Lhasa will cost you about 21 hours (one night) on the train, and we are happy to help you book train tickets. And we are glad to help you arrange Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour. Please kindly note that there is only one Italian speaking guide in Tibet, if you prefer Italian speaking guide, please book tour with us in advance, so that we will have enough time to book guide for you. I will send detailed itinerary and quotation to you by email, please check it for more details. Thanks & Regards

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user portrait Ms. Li*** from: 6 Days Exploration of Legendary Ancient Cities

Hello, I am considering booking this trip late October. Can you advise on the price of the Single supplement please? Thank you, Liliane

Answered by Nancy

Dear Ms. Li***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. You are welcome to join in the tour in late Oct. And we have 6days Lhasa to Shigaste group tour open on n21st, 24th and 28th Oct at this moment, and you can decide to join in any date. No problem that if you would like to have 1 room on your own, and the single supplement is 640RMB for the whole tour. Or if you do not mind to share room with someone, we will try our best to find a roommate for you. I will send the tour details and quotes to your email, please check it there. Best regards. 

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user portrait Mr. to*** from: Nepal to Tibet overland tour via Everest Base Camp

Hi , I am a travel agent in India, and we plan visiting Lhasa and EBC through Kathmandu, overland in May.Please send us Your best rates for a group of 10 members

Answered by Helen

Dear Mr. To***, 

Thanks very much for your enquiry, and welcome you to join our tour. We are glad to help you arrange Kathmandu to Lhasa via EBC overland tour in May, I will send detailed itinerary and quotation to you by email, please check it for more details. Warm regards.

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