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Gyirong Port in Tibet is ready

Time: 10-10-2015 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour
7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour via Everest Base Camp
7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour via Everest Base Camp
Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Gyirong Port
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Locating 490 km southwest of Shigatse Prefecture, Gyirong County is known as the back garden of Mt. Everest, it has abundant forest and wild animal resources. In the Tibetan language, Gyirong means “village of comfort and happiness”; it borders Nepal in south, for more than 1000 years, it has been functioning as a very important port for business, trade and culture exchange between Nepal and Tibet.

On 1 st , Dec, 2014, China Gyirong and Nepal Rasuwa bilateral port opened officially, which meant the old and largest land Gyirong Port between China and Nepal would prosper like its heyday, and bring lots of good opportunities to locals. However, the devastating earthquake took place in Nepal in April, 2015 affected Gyirong seriously too, as a result, Gyirong Port had to be closed. Now, after 6 months’ reconstruction, it is reported that the port will go back to function again from 13 th , Oct, the officers at the Shigatse Customs confirmed this news and said all staff now are in place already.

Though the port will go back to normal work from 13 th , Oct, yet it will not be open to tourists at this moment, because now the first priority is to supply and export the aid to Nepal, including food, fruits, clothes, medicine and etc.  

It’s only 24 km away from Gyirong Township to the border (Rasog Bridge), and only 84km from border to Kathmandu, so Gyirong Port enjoys really convenient location. The resume of overland traffic and trade between Nepal and Tibet says it won’t take a long time for tourists to travel between Tibet and Nepal by land again, maybe in another 1 or 2 months, tourists are able to travel overland again from Lhasa to Kathmandu via the new port at Gyirong.

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user portrait Mr. Mo*** from: Travelers' Questions Might Help

I'm interested in the 14 day trip from Lhasa to Nepal trip. In in January or February would be great. how much would that be? is there space?

best regards Mo***

Answered by Nancy

Dear Mo***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. Sorry we do not have any group tour in Jan or Feb to Kailash as there will be heavy snow and the road will be blocked, and also the area would be closed, and no one do the business there, no hotel, no restaurants there. So from Nov to March we would not send any groups there.
If you would like to do this tour, you must plan it from April to Oct. and at present we have the group tour in next 6th May and 29th May, and we will have more available date in future. if you are interested in joining in this, please kindly let me know. Best regards.

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