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The Ultimate Guide for Tibet Tour in Summer

Time: 17-06-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Travel to Tibet in summer Travel to Tibet in summer

Tibet, without any doubt, is a beautiful and probably the most suitable place to visit in summer (from July to August). In this period, the climate becomes mild and humid, with higher oxygen level, making summer the best time to travel to Tibet. Every summer, thousands of tourists from home and abroad flock to Tibet to witness its scenic beauties.

Whether stroll in the solemn Potala Palace or walk alone the beautiful Yamdrok Lake, tourists immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Tibet. If you want to travel to Tibet in summer, this guide can provide you with some useful information such as Tibet climate in summer, Tibet tour in summer, festivals in summer, important tips about Tibet tour in summer as well as some pack tips.

Part 1. Tibet Climate in Summer
Part 2. Advised Tibet Tours in Summer
Part 3. Festivals in Summer Tibet
Part 4. Important Tips about Tibet Tour in Summer
Part 5. How to Pack for Tibet Tour in Summer

Part 1. Tibet Climate in Summer 

With an altitude of 4500m above sea level, Tibet is considered the highest plateau in the world. The high-altitude makes Tibet a typical high - altitude plateau climate, which is characterized by small annual temperature ranges and a big difference of temperature between day and night. In this climate, summer in Tibet is cool and mild with a bit of rainfalls (sometimes even abundant).

Travel to Tibet in June Travel to Tibet in June

June is the most pleasant month to travel to Tibet. During the month of June, throughout most of the low altitude areas there is a nice average temperature of around 20 degrees in the daytime and 6 degrees at night. You may feel warm during the day and a bit cold at night. If you go to some high-altitude areas, the temperature would dramatically drop to zero or below, which is freezing. Notably, sunscreen is necessary in Tibet, especially during the summer when the days are getting longer, with abundant sunshine, the ultraviolet is very strong.

Summer is also a rainy season. Generally speaking, the monsoonal rains runs roughly from June to September, with July and August being the wettest months overall. And June, as the start of the early monsoon season, receives very little precipitation and it mostly only rain in the morning and evening. During the June, the average precipitation is about 76mm, which won’t affect your outdoor activities.

Tibet Climate in Summer - June
Region/weather Average Minimum Temperature(℃) Average Maximum Temperature(℃) Average Precipitation(mm)
Lhasa 9 22 76
Nyinchi 10 21 74
Namtso 1 14 51
Yamdrok Lake 6 26 105
Gyantse Tibet 8 22 58
Shigatse 8 16 60
Everest Base Camp 4 20 24
Mt. Kailash 6 19 12

July's weather is much the same as June with an increase of rainfalls, especially in the evening. In this period, the weather is warm and wet with an average daytime temperature of 23 degrees, but even so, you may need a coat at night, as the temperature might rapidly drop to about 8-9 degrees. The precipitation of July is much more than June. (the average rainfalls of main scenic spots are shown in the table).

Tibet Climate in Summer - July
Region/weather Average Minimum Temperature(℃) Average Maximum Temperature(℃) Average Precipitation(mm)
Lhasa 10 21 125
Nyinchi 12 23 134
Namtso 3 15 87
Yamdrok Lake 10 18 105
Gyantse Tibet 10 30 110
Shigatse 9 19 129
Everest Base Camp 4 22 170
Mt. Kailash 8 22 190

August is the warmest and wettest month of the year, with average daytime temperatures reaching to around 22 degrees. Because of the big gap of temperature between day and night, the average temperature at night would plummet to 7°C, which is a bit cold. During the time from July to August, it rains  frequently in the evening, sometimes the precipitation can reach up to 500mm but towards to the end of August, rainfalls tend to decrease.

Tibet Climate in Summer - August
Region/weather Average Minimum Temperature(℃) Average Maximum Temperature(℃) Average Precipitation(mm)
Lhasa 10 25 132
Nyinchi 11 23 115
Namtso 3 14 87
Yamdrok Lake 9 17 8
Gyantse 9 18 52
Shigatse 9 20 146
Everest Base Camp 2 22 240
Mt. Kailash 6 23 190

Though it rains frequently in summer, compared to many southeastern destinations in China, the few inches of rain that Tibet receives is considered mild. And if you want to avoid the heavy precipitation in Tibet, just visit it in June. Notably, no matter which month you choose to visit Tibet, just be sure to take some warm clothes, as the weather in the evening appears to be cold.
All in all, Tibet climate in summer is very suitable for traveling, neither very hot nor cold. If you don’t know how to choose the ideal scenic spots in summer, the following guide may help you.

Part 2. Advised Tibet Tours in Summer 

Tibet summer is the best time to travel to Tibet. In summer, almost all scenic spots are open to tourists. Some travelers might like to visit monasteries and temples in Lhasa, while others might prefer to see mountains and lakes. According to Tibet’s most visited attractions in summer, we collected top four popular routes for tourists. They are Lhasa, Mt Everest, Mt. Kailash, Lhasa to Kathmandu respectively.


Since the mid-17th century, Lhasa has been the religious and administrative capital of Tibet. As the cultural center of Tibet, Lhasa has so many culturally significant places to visit in summer. For instance, you can go to see the distinctive Tibetan style architectures in Potala Palace, to experience a monastic life in Jokhang Temple or Samye Monastery, or to make a pilgrimage to the Sacred Yamdrok Lake. With its amazing scenic beauty, Lhasa will never make you disappointed. If you are planning a trip to Lhasa, a detailed guide is neccssary.

Mt. Everest

The best time to visit Mt. Everest is from the middle of April to early June when there is very little rain in Tibet. In this period, the sky is clear with no cloud. It is sunny and bright during the day. Below the illuminate of sun, the peak of Mt. Everest looks like gold. That is really a beautiful and stunning scenery. If you want to have a look at the Mt. Everest, just make a full preparation before heading there.

Mt. Everest in Summer Mt. Everest in Summer

Mt. Kailash

The best time to visit Mt. Kailash is in early summer (from April to June) when all creatures come to life. You can enjoy a three days trek around sacred Mount Kailash, which will be a unique experience physically and spiritually. Along the way, you can see beautiful sceneries from different faces of Mount Kailash, golden sunset view, pilgrims doing full-body length prostrations, challenges enduring the snowy Dolma-La Pass and etc. all those could be your lifetime memory. Now, you can make plan for a Mt. Kailash tour.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Tour

Lhasa to Kathmandu is one of the most popular routes in summer Tibet tour, as there are so many beautiful landscapes on the way from Lhasa to Kathmandu, such as the most diverse landscapes, shining glaciers and beautiful farming valleys. Also, you will meet the most devoted pilgrims in the world while visiting the most influential temples and monasteries. Anyway, it will be one of the most unforgettable adventures in your life. If you still have no idea what’s your next destination, travelling from Lhasa to Kathmandu is a good choice!

Part 3. Festivals in Summer Tibet

In addition to visiting some attractive places, experience unique Tibetan cultures in summer is also a good choice. For instance, celebrate the cultural festivals like horse-racing fairs with local Tibetans. Besides the horse-racing fairs, there are many other festivals will be celebrated in summer.

Tibetan Festivals in summer in 2019
Festivals Region Date Notes
Kumbum Monastery Festival Amdo July 9th Thangka unveiling, with monks' mask dance
Saga Dawa Lhasa/Kham/Amdo June 17th The holiest religious festival
Kalachakra day and Thangka Unveiling Lhasa/Shigatse July 15-17th A giant thangka painting will be hung at many famous monasteries.
Repkong Shaman Festival Amdo / Rebkong July 19- 27th Honor the mountain god.
Gyantse Horse Racing Festival Gyantse County July 20-23rd The biggest festival in Gyantse. Horse & yak racing, dancing, singing, and games.
Jyekundo Horse Festival Kham – Yushu July 25-30 The biggest horse racing and yak racing festival in Tibet. Horse racing, singing, dancing.
Ganden Thangka Unveiling Lhasa Ganden August 15 A giant thangka painting will be held at Ganden Monastery.

Note: All of the festivals are based on the lunar calendar, which is complex and unpredictable (it is usually only announced in February, at Losar or Tibetan New Year). When you arrive in Tibet, you can ask around to confirm if there are likely to be any festivals in progress.

Horse Racing Festival in Gyantse Horse Racing Festival in Gyantse

Part 4. Important Tips about Tibet Tour in Summer

Before entering Tibet, you need to prepare some important documents like passport, Chinese Visa and Tibet Entry Permission. And after your arrival, you also need to pay attention to the natural disasters or personal health in Tibet.


There are certain things with which you should be careful when applying for a Chinese Visa. If necessary, do not mention Tibet or Xinjiang as your destination. Tourists have had their visa application refused for doing this, and been told that they need special permission if they want to visit those places. Therefore, you can choose some big cities like Beijing and Shanghai as your destination when apply for a Chinese visa. In this way, you can gain it easily.

Tibet Entry Permit Tibet Entry Permit

Tibet Entry Permission

A Tibet Entry Permit is required if you want to visit Tibet. Remember to apply for it at least 30 days before the Tibet tour in summer, as it takes much longer to obtain the Tibet entry permission in summer, which is the peak season for Tibet tour.

Natural Disaster

Even if Tibet summer account for nearly 80% of total rainfall of the year, it rarely has disasters like collapses and landslides happened. Only some certain regions like the western and Eastern areas of Tibet and Gyirong -Kathmandu road are at high risk for landslides and mudslides. Hence, you don’t have to worry much about the natural disasters in summer in Tibet.

Altitude Sickness & Cold

Altitude sickness is unpredictable in Tibet. Different people have different responses to high altitude based on their genetics. Some travelers might have no symptoms, while others might become quite ill. Though the altitude sickness is unavoidable, you can lessen the symptoms by making full preparation for the Altitude Sickness before heading to Tibet, which will make your journey easier.

Part 5. How to Pack for Tibet Tour in Summer

Tibet is undoubtedly beautiful, but its weather is really unique and changeable. Before setting out for the day, it’s necessary for you to create a detailed packing list that will make your journey easier. If you have no idea how to pack for Tibet tour in summer, here are 8 useful packing strategies for your reference.

Sunglasses:Wearing a sunglasses is a must while visiting Tibet during the daytime, as the sun radiation in summer is very strong that might hurt your eyes if you directly exposed them to the sun.  

Mask: It can not only protect you from getting sunburned but also keep you warm at night.

Sunscreen & Lipstick: A sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher can protect your skin from getting sunburned.

Thin down jacket:A jacket can protect you from catching a cold at night when the temperature plummets to zero or below.

Clothes for summer in Tibet Clothes for summer in Tibet

Hiking boots: If you’re planning to go on a hike, don’t forget to bring a great pair of hiking boots.

Medicines:It is important to take some essential medicines in case you get sickness in Tibet. You can consult your doctors for advice.

High energy foods & drinks: Energy bar, chocolate, beef jerky, and some high energy drinks, etc.

Umbrellas:Tibet summer is a rain season. Though it often rains at night, there is a need for you to take an umbrella in case you want to go outside at night.

If you have any questions regarding weather and clothing before the tour, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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