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Major Tibetan Hospitals

Time: 05-07-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Major towns and cities in Tibet Autonomous Region have hospitals with basic facilities, but they are not of high standard. The medical and sanitary conditions of most hospitals are not satisfactory. With continuous development, the medical condition in Tibet has been getting close to that of other places in China. In an emergency, they can provide basic medical treatments and save a life when necessary. Western pharmaceutical treatment, Tibetan herbal remedies and Chinese herbal remedies are accessible. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you could not find a hospital for emergency in case you have high altitude sickness or a bad cold when travelling in Tibet. Keep reading to get to know where you can find a Tibetan hospital.

Tibet Hospitals Emergency Ambulance Tibet Hospitals Emergency Ambulance

Part 1. Medical Conditions in Tibet

With the social and economic development in Tibet, the growth in people’s demands for health and the carrying out of national aid to Tibet in public health, the progress of medical treatment and public health in the whole Tibet showed unprecedented momentum of development.

  • Gradually form a medical treatment and public health system centred on Lhasa and spreading to the whole Tibet.
  • Training excellent health care personnel according to local conditions. Concerning the long-standing scarcity of health care personnel, Tibet intensified its effort in cultivating, absorbing and training relevant qualified personnel in recent years.

Part 2. Main Tibetan Hospitals 

If you experienced serious high altitude sickness, or a bad cold or you need to have rabies vaccine when travelling in Tibet, you could reach the following hospitals for treatment as soon as possible.

People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region (西藏自治区人民医院)

Tibetan People’s Hospital Tibetan People’s Hospital

People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region is the largest Grade III Level A hospital in Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located in No. 18 North Linkuo Road, Lhasa. If you are seeking treatment for mountain sickness, please go to the Emergency Centre in the neighboring building. There are doctors speaking English. If you could not find them, please go to the inquiry and ask them if you could make a call on their beeper. You could be hospitalized here if necessary. (Open 24 hours; Tel: 86-891-6322200 (emergency department), 86-891-6322177)

Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital of Tibetan Medicine (西藏自治区藏医院)

Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital of Tibetan Medicine is the first Tibetan medicine hospital in Lhasa. Its predecessor is the Men Tsi Khang first established in 1916. It is located in No. 26 Niangre Road, Lhasa (opposite to Barkhor Square). The staff here are very friendly and some of the doctors could speak English. (Opening hours: 10:00-13:00, Monday to Saturday; Tel: 86-891-6324211 (emergency department),86-891-6323244)

Tibetan Hospital Tibetan Hospital

Lhasa Emergency Centre (拉萨急救中心)

Lhasa Emergency Centre is the largest comprehensive emergency centre in Tibet. It is located next to People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. There are doctors speaking English. Their service could be accessed by 120 emergency call.

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