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Is It Safe to Travel to Tibet? Top 4 Important Travel Safety Tips for Travelers

Time: 05-07-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Tibet Travel Tips – Safety and Security Tibet Travel Tips – Safety and Security

Tibet, located in the southwestern border of China, is sacred because of antiquity, mysterious because of remoteness. In Tibet, there are white and towering snow mountains, green and rippling lakes, and temples and palaces symbolizing culture and history. In order to experience the magnificent and beautiful natural landscape and the long historical culture of Tibet, many tourists from home and abroad travel to Tibet from thousands of miles away. Tibet opens its arms to welcome all tourists coming along. However, its location on the remote border far away from mainland raises doubts among many international tourists on the safety issue in Tibet tourism: is it safe to travel to Tibet? Is there any travel safety tips for travelers in Tibet?

Is It Safe to Travel to Tibet?

Security Check in Tibet Security Check in Tibet

As a matter of fact, you do not have to worry about safety when travelling in Tibet, because local folks are simple and honest, and Tibetan people are warm-hearted. The public security of Tibet is better than most parts of China. You could see armed patrol officer everywhere in Lhasa City, and there is a public security booth every hundreds of meters, providing 24-hour service. Therefore, Tibet is a very safe place and you do not need to worry about your personal security at all. Is it possible for tourists to travel alone in Tibet since Tibet is a safe place?

Can I Travel to Tibet Alone?

Although you do not need to worry about safety issue at all in Tibet, it is not advisable to travel alone in Tibet, in particular under the circumstance that you have never traveled to Tibet before. Tibet is characterized by high terrain and thin air with low level of oxygen, thus likely causing high altitude sickness. If the sickness gets intensified and there is nobody to look after you, you may put your life into danger.

Safety and Security, Travel Alone in Tibet Safety and Security, Travel Alone in Tibet

Apart from high altitude sickness, you could encounter other troubles on your trip, such as being stolen, bitten by a dog or coming across natural disasters. Encountering these emergencies, you may not deal with them by yourself, in particular for international tourists because of the communication barriers resulted from the difference in languages. Therefore, it is not advisable to travel in Tibet alone. Contacting a reliable tour group and booking a private tour is a feasible choice. No matter you have decided to book a private tour or not, the following Tibet travel security tips are quite practical.

4 Safety Issues Most Concerned by Tourists

Top 1. Property safety

The overall public security of Tibet is good, but there still exist very few villains stealing, swindling and robbing. You must guard against making friends with them and leaking secrets to them so as to prevent from being taken in and causing loss. There are a large amount of tourists in scenic spots and hotels during tourism seasons; therefore, you should take care of your valuables and ensure your property and personal safety. You should take cash and valuables along with you (in particular mobile phones and wallets). In order to ensure your property security, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Before setting off for Tibet, remember to take a photo of your important certificates including Tibet Travel Permit, passport and air ticket, and keep the copy in case they get lost.
  2. Do not carry too much cash, precious watch, jewelry and electronic products with you since these things could easily attract the attention of thieves.
  3. If you went to the scenic spot by car or bus, do not forget to check your property before getting off, and beware of missing them.
  4. Passport is very important, and remember to keep it in a covert place in your luggage, in case someone with sinister plot would embezzle your information. If that happens, please contact your tour guides or embassy nearby immediately for help.

Top 2. Food safety

Safety and Security in Tibet, Food in Tibet Safety and Security in Tibet, Food in Tibet

You could enjoy many kinds of local delicacies in Tibet, but do not forget food safety while enjoying the delicacies. Some suggestions on food safety are as follows:

  1. Remember to drink mineral water and eat fresh fruits as much as possible in order to prevent non-acclimatization.
  2. Snacks sold along the street should be avoided because with blowing dust on the street bacteria could attach on the food.
  3. You’d better choose a big restaurant for dining because small ones could be inferior in hygiene and environment.
  4. During your trip, do not pick and eat wild fruit and mushrooms at will in order to prevent food poisoning.
  5. Tourists with stomach problems should prepare stomach medicine before setting off for Tibet.

Top 3. Animal Attacks

Safety and Security in Tibet, dog in Tibet Safety and Security in Tibet, dog in Tibet

The animals here refer primarily to dogs. For historical reasons, Tibetan people are particularly fond of dogs. They never kill or eat dogs. You could probably see dogs in the street, but you should be cautious and not play with them or get close to them, especially watchdog like Tibetan Mastiff that would probably attack you. If you are bitten by dogs, tell your tour guide immediately and ask him to take you to the hospital nearby to receive rabies vaccine.


Top 4. Traffic safety

Safety and Security in Tibet, traffic safety Safety and Security in Tibet, traffic safety

There are three means of transportation to Tibet at present, namely by air, by train and by car. These three means of transportation are relatively safe. You could choose either of them for your transportation into Tibet. Upon entering into Tibet, you should drive slowly and carefully because the road conditions in Tibet are not very good. If you are in a tour group, you will not have to worry about the transportation as the drivers recommended by us are all experienced and will ensure your safety. As for transportation details, you could refer to Tibetan transportation conditions.

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