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Best Guide on How to Plan A Tibet Tour in September

Time: 27-12-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

September is a lovely time of year to visit Tibet, as the weather remains pleasantly mild, and you can enjoy a variety of beautiful sceneries. In September when the summer crowds have left Tibet, which means you will spend less time in line and more time enjoying the sites you came to see. During this month, the high mountains and valley passes are easily accessible, which makes it an ideal time for trekking and hiking. Imagine you’re on the top of Mt. Everest. You look over the world sprawling below, colors and shapes blending into a beautiful tapestry. It is really amazing. What are you waiting for? Just follow us to explore this wonderful land in September.

Tibet in September  
Tibet in September

Part 1. Tibet Weather in September & What to Wear in September

The weather in September is warm and dry with a small amount of precipitation. The average temperature is about 15℃. And the daytime temperature is around 20℃ to 25℃. When night comes, the temperature would drop to 8℃ or 9℃. Skies during September can be clear with good visibility. The following form shows the specific weather condition of Tibet region.

Tibet Weather in September
Cities Avg. Temp (℃) Max. Temp (℃) Min. Temp (℃) Rainfall(mm)
Lhasa 14 21 9 56
Namtso Lake 6 14 1 50
Gyantse 12 18 7 70
Yamdrok Lake 11 16 6 35
Shigatse 10 16 5 60
EBC 11 20 0 21
Mt. Kailash 11 19 0 23
Nyingchi 15 20 10 100
Shannan 12.5 20 8 58

In September, you will experience a very large temperature difference between day and night. Keep in mind to wear layers when you travel to Tibet so that you can remove or add layers to regulate your temperature. Don’t catch a cold or you will suffer from high altitude sickness. During the daytime, you are suggested to wear light clothes like a shirt, jeans, and sports shoes. When night comes, you need to add some warm clothes like a cashmere coat. For travelers who want to trek to high mountains, waterproof jackets are needed since temperature of mountain areas is really low, especially at night.

Part 2. What to Do in September in Tibet

Explore Lhasa - to Witness Its New Face

As the first stop of Tibet tour, Lhasa generally a must-see place for many travelers. Famous scenic spots like the Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, Norbulingka are some of the must-see attractions in Lhasa. Besides, you are suggested to make pilgrimages with local people to some temples that are frequently visited by pilgrims.

Beautiful Scenery in Lhasa  
Beautiful Scenery in Lhasa

Take an Outstanding Picture of Nyingchi in 318 Road

September is one of the best times of year for a photographer. Whist memories of the long hot days of summer begin to fade, you can create new ones full of colour and atmosphere. Rich vibrant colors of the foliage, beautiful light, varied and changeable weather, all of these give you chances to take a perfect picture. The best place for taking a good picture is Nyingchi, also known as Linzhi, is a prefecture-level city in southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Nyingchi’s weather in September is clear and dry with high visibility, which give photographers great chances to shot Nnamjagbarwa mountain, which has been listed on the "most breath-taking places in China" list by the China National Geography magazine. Go along the 318 road, you will meet Bowo, from where you can see many marvelous glacier, forest, spring, and snow capped mountains.

Breathtaking Scenery Along 318 Road  
Breathtaking Scenery Along 318 Road

See Beautiful Scenery in Shigatse

Shigatse is the birthplace of Tibet’s culture. There are many famous quality tourists routes in Shigatse, such as the Trip to Mt. Everest, Trip to Red River Valley, and Trip to Yajiangyuan, each of them will give you an unforgettable experience.

Shigatse in September  
Shigatse in September

Part 3. How to Get to Tibet

For international tourists, they can enter to Tibet in two ways: by train or by flight. The former way is most frequently chosen by budget tourists since the train ticket is cheap. It’s cheap, but it takes longer time. Usually, it takes several days to arrive at Lhasa from Chinese cities. Currently there are 7 Chinese cities have train to Lhasa, they are Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, Lanzhou and Xining. Though it takes a long time for you to arrive at Lhasa, along the road, you’ll enjoy the stunning beauty of Qinghai-Tibet plateau. If you don’t want to spend too much time on the road, you can go there by air. Although the air tickets are more expensive than train tickets, it is worthwhile as it costs much less time traveling on the plane. Actually, during the off season (winter), the air tickets are cheaper than train’s. If you are a budget traveler, you can think about traveling to Tibet in winter.

Part 4. Where to Stay in Tibet

As tourists increase in Tibet, so will hotels. There are variety of hotels in Tibet
for you to stay. Lhasa, as the capital city of Tibet, offers tourists the widest
selections, from Hotels, youth hotels to family hotels. Whichever and whatever you like, there is one for you.

1. Luxury Hotels

Features:High quality, perfect facilities, good service.
Instruction:Usually, these hotels provide tourists with big rooms, oxygen service, good location, great facilities and perfect service. But the price of these hotels is often expensive.
Recommends: St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Shangri-la Hotel, InterContinental Lhasa Paradise

2. Youth Hostel

Features:Moderate in price, good quality, well-equipped facilities
Instructions: hostel has become a more popular alternative than traditional hotels for many young traveler and backpacks. It is very cheap to stay at Youth Hostels, about ¥50-¥200 one night. Apart from its cheap price, another reason make hostels popular is its ability of information collection. A lot of tourists gather at the hostels and share the newest travel information of Tibet with each other.
Recommends: Pingcuo Kangsang International Youth Hostel, Tibet Bike Hostel, Tibet Westcoo International Youth Hostel

3. Family Rooms

Features:Cheap price, good service, homely feel, experience the real life of Tibet
Instruction:This is the cheapest way for tourists to live, but it is also the best way to experience the authentic Tibetan life. The hospitable host will warmly
entertain you. It is also a nice choice to live a family room.


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