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Tibet Tour in November 2019

Time: 28-09-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Tibet is one of the great cities of the world, and from the 7th century Potala Palace to the 21st-century Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you will find each construction has a story to tell. Walk awhile in the path of the kings, lamas, and peasants throughout the history and learn more about the culture of Tibet. November is an excellent time to visit Tibet, as it is packed with many amazing things to do and you can benefit from money and time thanks to the tourist shoulder season. Here is a guide on Tibet weather in November, things to do in November, what to wear in November and some useful tips for Tibet tour in November.

Part 1: What Makes Tibet in November Special?
Part 2: Tibet Weather in November
Part 3: Things to Do in Tibet in November
Part 4: Tips for Visiting Tibet in November

Part 1: What Makes Tibet in November Special?

Good Weather – As the beginning month of winter, the weather in November is mild, neither hot nor cold. Tourists can generally expect a warm and sunny weather during the daytime, while at night, the temperature drops a bit because of the exceptional radiation loss under the clear skies. So, you’d better dress yourself in enough warm clothes to keep warm.

Fewer Tourists – It is the shoulder season in Tibet in November, and you will find less tourists in Tibet in November than that in summer months.  

Cheaper Price – In November, you can enjoy lower airfares, cheaper entrance fee, and lower price at hotels.

Mount Everest In November
Mount Everest In November

Part 2: Tibet Weather in November 

The autumn leaves have fallen, and the bare trees indicate the start of winter in Tibet in November. The average temperature ranges from 12-15 °C, with daytime highs of 11 °C (52 °F) and nighttime lows of  -8 °C (18 °F). During this month, most parts of Tibet are sunny and dry. While the temperature varies greatly from place to place, so you’d better learn about the weather condition of different places so that you can create a perfect schedule. And we have listed the weather of some popular destinations in Tibet for you to refer to.

Lhasa - In late autumn, the Lhasa weather in November is cool and dry. With an average high temperature of 13°C ( 54°F) and average low temperature of -3 °C (-37°F), the weather during this month is comfortable and pleasant, a great time for travelling. It seldom rains in this month, and the average total precipitation volume in November is a low 2mm. It may just drizzle at night. Temperature fluctuates greatly between day and night in Lhasa, so you’d better wear more clothes in case of catching cold when temperature drops below freezing.

Lhasa Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Lhasa -3 13 0

Note: Have no idea how to plan your Lhasa trip? This comprehensive guide may be helpful to you.

Namtso – The average temperature of Namtso in November ranges from -11℃(-51.8°F) ~ 5℃(41°F) and the average precipitation is about 4mm. Temperature varies greatly between day and night. In the daytime, the weather is sunny, with a comfortable temperature. While the temperature of night drops below freezing. Occasionally, it snows in Namtso areas and the heavy snow might block the road to the lake.

Namtso Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Namtso -4.9 11.2 4

Note:Dress warm from head to toe, since the wind would be strong in Namtso in November.

Nyingchi – In November, Nyingchi enters winter. The average temperature of Nyingchi in November is about 13 °C (55.4°F). The daytime weather is cool and dry, with a temperature of around 16°C (60.8°F), warm clothes like light sweaters and outdoor jackets are suggested. When night comes, the temperature drops to about -5°C (41°F), you need to add more warm clothes to keep warm.

Nyingchi Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Namtso -5 16 5

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Nyingchi in November
Nyingchi in November

Shannan – Shannan weather in November is cold, dry, and windy. The traditionally low temperature can drop to -13℃ (55.4°F) at night. While the weather dose gets colder, there are still warm days to be had. Temperatures at this month usually average a mild 5-8 ℃(41-46.4°F). This provides plenty of opportunities for tourists to get out to see this prefecture, without feeling too much cold.

Shannan Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Shannan -13.9 3.3 3

Yamdrok Lake – Early November to mid-November is the best time to visit Yamdrok Lake. During this time, the temperature is mild, with little rain falls. Hordes of migratory birds migrate to this lake to spend the winter, which is really a beautiful scenery that worth a see. From mid-November, the weather will become very cold and the lake will begin to freeze, so we do not recommend visiting this lake in late November.

Yamdrok Lake Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Yamdrok Lake -7.8 6.5 1.5

Shigatse – Shigatse weather in November is not very suitable for traveling. Due to its high elevation, the climate of Shigatse is quite low and dry in November. Besides, the ultraviolet radiation is also very strong due to longtime sunshine. If you are planning a Shigatse tour, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and lip-balms to protect you from the rays.

Shigatse Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Shigatse -8 11 2

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EBC – Tourists can expect a great weather in EBC during November. The temperature ranges from 5-8 ℃(41°F - 46.4°F) during the daytime, but the nighttime temperature can be as low as around -13℃(55.4°F). Sunny and warm days are normal. Rains rarely fall. Actually, November is one of the best months to visit EBC.

EBC Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
EBC -13 8 0.9

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Mt. Kailash – The climate of Kailash is rather cold in November in comparison to other parts of Tibet. The temperature usually remains below zero degrees during the daytime and the nighttime temperature often ranges from -10 ℃(-50°F) to -20 ℃(-68°F). Due to the harsh weather, tourists are not suggested to travel to Mt. Kailash in this month.

Mt. Kailash Weather in November
  Avg. Mini Temperature (℃) Avg. Max Temperature (℃) Avg. Rainfall(mm)
Mt. Kailash -13 -3 2

Mt. Kailash in November  
Mt. Kailash in November

Part 3: Things to Do in Tibet in November

The weather is starting to cool off in Tibet in November, but the passion of tourists never goes away. Winter brings Tibet with more stunning sceneries and amazing things to do, from migratory birds to majestic snow-copped mountains. Whatever the weather, though, we’re always completely spoilt for brilliant things to do in Tibet. For more details about things to see in Tibet, you can look at our list of the top 12 advised places to visit in Tibet now.

  1. Drop a visit to some historical sites like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Sera Monastery.
  2. Shop and Dine on the Barkhor Street. The Barkhor Street is the main shopping street of Lhasa. It’s really a good place to buy some souvenirs for your families and friends.
  3. Make a kora around Jokhang Temple.
  4. Watch migratory birds in Lhasa.

Part 4: Tips for Visiting Tibet in November

  1. Whenever and wherever you go to Tibet, it’s necessary for you to keep your skin moisturized. You are recommended to bring lip balm, hand cream, lotion, face cream, and some other skin care products.
  2. The sunlight in Tibet is very strong in November, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, visor or other sun protection products.
  3. Don’t drink and smoke in Tibet.
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