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Top 7 Best Restaurants in Tsedang for You to Choose from

Time: 05-12-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

As an important Chinese administration center, Tsedang is the fourth-largest city in Tibet and the capital of huge Shannan prefecture. The center of town is a modern, thoroughly Chinese city where you’ll find decent restaurants, overpriced accommodation and a couple of internet cafes. When travel to Tsedang, you can visit many beautiful scenic spots, meet new people, and take some outdoor activities. You might take many beautiful and impressive pictures and post them on your Instagram or Facebook. But more importantly than all of that is to sample Tsedang’s delicious foods. As we all know, hospitable Tibetans like eating out with their friends and family. So, you can easily find a variety of restaurants and tea shops in the street. All kinds of dining experiences are waiting to be discovered. Check out the best Tsedang restaurants now!

Top 1. Yarlung Kitchen

This very atmospheric restaurant is dressed up with colorful Tibetan color. Despite the promise of Western food on the signboard, the menu is primarily Tibetan and Chinese food. Some of the more intriguing options include “lucky sheep’s head” and “snowland yak hoof”. At night it gets busy with local men swilling Budweiser beer from shot glasses.

Chinese name: 雅砻厨房
Price: ¥20-40
Opening hour: 8:30am - 11:30pm

Top 2. Tashi Restaurant

Branch of the Tashi Restaurant in Shigatse that offers up Nepali-style western goodies, such as pizza, curries and good breakfasts, in a nice Tibetan style hall. Avoid the disappointing lassi.

Chinese name: 扎西餐厅
Price: ¥20-30
Opening hour: 7:30am - 10:30pm

Top 3. Yiwanmian Restaurant

Located in front of PSB office, it is a classic noodle house that offers some amazingly tasty snacks, like Shaguo (earthen pot) dumplings. It has English & Chinese menu, which is easy for international travelers to order dishes.

Top 4. Monastery Restaurant

Samye Monastery restaurant mainly serves some simple traditional Tibetan food, and it is frequented by the locals because of its simplicity and original Tibetan flavor. More importantly, the food is prepared fresh every day, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick.

Top 5. Friendship Snowland Restaurant

Located at the Eastern gate of the monastery, the restaurant is famous for its Chinese and Tibetan delicacies. Decorated in traditional Tibetan style, this restaurant mainly offers tourists Chinese and Tibetan dishes. Besides, western breakfasts are also available in this restaurants, which means you can order hash browns, pancakes, and omelette.  

Top 6. Aba Home Tibetan Restaurants

Aba Home Tibetan Restaurants, as its name suggests, is a cosy Tibetan place with traditional seating. Traditional Tibetan wooden seating and tables can equal the western restaurants in the aspect of service. More importantly, it supports Chinese & English menu, which is convenient for international travelers to order dishes. Additionally, this special restaurant also has a series of set meals that are popular with local diners. Anyway, it is a great chance for travelers who want to sample the local foods.

Top 7. Shanxi Fengwei

As the name suggest, Shanxi Fengwei is a restaurant that is opened by a Chinese family from Shǎnxī Province, a northern province of China. This unique restaurant has a delightful menu of local, Sichuan, and Shǎnxī dishes to tempt any taste buds.

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