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Top 12 Advised Places to Visit in Tibet

Time: 10-06-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Bordered on three sides by some of the world's highest mountains - the Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Kunlun, Tibet is relatively isolated and hard to access. Due to centuries of geographic isolation and a unique culture based on Buddhism, Tibet wins the reputation as a land of exotic mystery. Want to explore the uniqueness and mystery of Tibet? Follow in our footsteps to see the must-visit Tibet attractions. Top 12 advised places to visit in Tibet will be introduced in our article particularly.

Part 1. Tibet Attractions - Natural Scenery
Part 2. Tibet Attractions - Trekking Spots
Part 3. Tibet Tourist Places - Cultural Attractions

Part 1. Tibet Attractions - Natural Scenery 

Located in the southwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibet is surrounded by numerous huge mountains, and there are countless lakes and rivers running through. The breathtaking lakes and rivers are very valuable places to visit in Tibet.

Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake Namtso Lake

Namtso is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. Located on the border between Damxung County of Lhasa and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture, at an altitude of about 4718 meters, Namtso is a lake next to heaven. With stunning scenery of azure water beneath snow-capped peaks and grasslands dotted with herds of yaks, the “Heavenly Lake” has the power to wash your soul, whether you are a Buddhism believer or not.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 4718 m
Ticket Price: 120 CNY in high season, 60 CNY in the off season
How to Get There: You can hire a private car from Lhasa to Namtso, or take tour bus provided by travel agencies in Lhasa. Depart from Lhasa at 7-8 am, arrive at Namtso at noon, and return to Lhasa at 18-19 pm the same day or the next day. 6 Days Holy Namtso Lake Tour is also available

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake, another sacred lake in Tibet, is located in Langkazi County, Shannan City. Yamdrok means turquoise in English due to its color. Lake Yamdrok shows different colors according to the changeable light, but the overall color is blue. The turquoise lake and blue sky complement each other, dotted with white clouds, which is definitely one of the most beautiful pictures on earth. In winter, the lake freezes. Birds migrate to this paradise for the winter.

Basic Facts

Altitude: 4441 m
Ticket: 60 CNY.
How to Get There: You can hire a private car from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake. It often takes 2 hours to get there. 5 Days Yamdrok Lake Hiking Tour is also available

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon 

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world, and the deepest point reaches 6009 meters. Water in the canyon exists in all shapes and sizes, with solid glaciers, boiling hot springs, trickling streams, and running rivers. Some of the mountains here are covered with tropical rain forests, while others are capped with snow, straight into the sky, which is definitely a wonder. Many precious trees and flowers grow in unfrequented places, and various wildlife climb and shuttle between them, really worthy of the “Plant Type Museum” and “Animal Kingdom” reputation.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: over 3000 m
Suitable Travel Time: May - October
Ticket Price: 290 CNY for road tour, 710 CNY for land & water transportation
How to Get There: Take bus from Lhasa to Bayi Subdistrict. The departure time is 8 am.

Part 2. Tibet Attractions - Trekking Spots 

Tibet’s towering mountains, deep valleys and verdant forests offer unbounded opportunities for trekking. To catch a glimpse of the world’s highest mountain - Mt. Everest, the Everest Base Camp is a perfect trekking destination. Mount Kailash is a place of pilgrimage for centuries, which is also a big trekking challenge.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp

Everest base camps refers to two base camps on opposite sides of Mount Everest. The North Base Camp is located in Tibet at 5200 meters. And there are two camps, distributed on the east and west sides. April, May, September, and October are the best months to reach the summit of Mount Everest. During this time, the base camp is home to mountain climbers from all over the world. The multicolored tents scattered across the empty base camp. That looks very spectacular.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 5200 m
Location: Qudang Town and Zhaxizong town, Dingri County, Shigatse Prefecture
Suitable Travel Time: April - June and September - October
Ticket Price: 180 CNY

How to Get There: 8 days Mount Everest Base Camp Tour  

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, also called Kangrinboqe, is sacred to four religions and a place of pilgrimage for centuries. Along the 56-kilometer outer Kora around Mt Kailash, there are countless shrines. Pilgrims kowtow to every shrine they visit. From generation to generation, pilgrims believe that walking around the Mount Kailash can wash away a lifetime of sins. The lifelong dream of many Tibetans is to be able to finish the Mt Kailash kora, even if they are thousands of miles away and even if they may die on the road of pilgrimage.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 6656 m
Location: Ngari Prefecture
Suitable Travel Time: April - June and September - October

How to Get There: 15 days Mount Kailash Trekking Tour  

Part 3. Tibet Tourist Places - Cultural Attractions 

Since the introduction of Buddhism in the 7th century, the religion has permeated all aspects of Tibetan life, with monasteries acting as palaces, administrative centers, and even schools. The traditional culture and values of the Tibetans remain strong, and continue to lure and enchant visitors.

The Potala Palace 

Potala Palace Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is a holy place of Tibetan Buddhism and a valuable world cultural heritage. The Potala Palace is built on mountain, with overlapping buildings. It is an outstanding representative of Tibetan ancient architecture. The main building is divided into two parts, the White Palace and the Red Palace. In front of the Potala Palace, Potala Palace square lies, which is the highest city square in the world.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 3700 m
Location: 35 Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa  
Opening Time: 9 am - 12 am, 15:30 pm - 16:30 pm
Ticket Price: 200 CNY

How to Get There: Take a bus and get off at Labai Station or Minghang Station.

Jokhang Temple 

Jokhang Temple Jokhang Temple

The Jokhang Temple is the earliest civil structure building, with a history of more than 1300 years. The temple, considered as the "spiritual heart of the city", is endowed with supreme status in Tibet. Thousands of butter lamps light up and incense lingers in front of the temple all the time, marking the traces of pilgrims.

Basic Facts

Altitude: 3650 m
Location: Barkhor Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa
Opening Time: 9 am - 18 pm
Tibet Price: 85 CNY

How to Get There: Walk to Barkhor Street or take a bus and get off at Lugu Station, which is within walking distance to Jokhang Temple.

Barkhor Street 

Barkhor Street Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street used to be the pathway of Kora around Jokhang Temple. It is called “holy road” by Tibetans. Now it has expanded into a large old block around the Jokhang Temple. The current Barkhor Street is the famous commercial center in Lhasa, while it successfully preserves the traditional appearance and living style of the ancient city.

Basic Facts

Altitude: 3650 m
Location: Lhasa
Opening Time: all day
Tibet Price: free

Sera Monastery 

Sera Monastery Sera Monastery

The Sera Monastery is located at the foot of the Sera Wuzi Mountain, 3 km north of Lhasa. When you come to the Sera Monastery, you must take a look at the debate held in the courtyard at around 3:00-5:30 pm. The lamas sit around and debate with each other. The wide robes and beads sway as the actions rise and fall. Although you can't understand their language, you will be shocked and attracted by their attention.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 3700 m
Location: about 3 km north of Lhasa 
Opening Time: 9 am - 16 pm
Tibet Price: 50 CNY

How to Get There: You can take a taxi or bus to the Sera Monastery.

Tashilhunpo Monastery 

Tashilhunpo Monastery Tashilhunpo Monastery

Founded in 1447, Tashilhunpo Monastery is a historic and culturally important monastery in Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet. The Tashilhunpo Monastery covers an area of 150000 square meters and is surrounded by a palace wall. Pilgrims circumambulate the monastery on the sacred path outside the walls.

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 3950 m
Location: Shigatse, Tibet
Opening Time: 9 am - 17 pm
Tibet Price: 100 CNY

How to Get There: You can hire a private car from Lhasa to the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Or take Tibet train to Shigatse and then take a bus to the Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Sakya Monastery 

Sakya Monastery Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery is famous for its long history, grand scale, and rich collection. Sakya, which means "pale land" in Tibetan, is the color of the local soil. The outer walls of Sakya Monastery are painted in red, white and black, symbolizing Manjusri, Guanyin and the Vajrapani Bodhisattva. This is a unique mark of the Sakya temple. If you travel here, be sure to climb the outer walls, which overlook the inside of the Sakya Monastery as well as the river valley and mountains in the distance. 

Basic Facts 

Altitude: 4316 m
Location: Sakya County, Shigatse
Opening Time: 9 am - 18 pm
Tibet Price: 45 CNY

How to Get There: There are shuttle buses offered from Shigatse to Sakya Monastery, with a ticket of 50 CNY.

Samye Monastery 

Samye Monastery Samye Monastery

The main building of the Samye Monastery, the Wuze Hall, is located in the center of the temple, symbolizing the center of the universe and the residence of the Buddha. A lot of artworks of clay sculptures, stone carvings and murals are collected here. In addition, there are tons of Tibetan historical records, lotus biographies, and paintings that reflect local customs and people's lives, which are rare for other monasteries.

Basic Facts

Altitude: 3565 m
Location: at the foot of Mt.Hepo Ri, north bank of Yarlung Zangbo River, Dranang County, Lhoka
Opening Time: 9 am - 16 pm
Tibet Price: Free admission into the temple and 40 CNY for the Wuze Hall 

How to Get There: You can hire a private car from Lhasa to Samye or from Ysedang Town to Samye.

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