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Zongjiao Lukang Park: A Paradise for Migratory Birds in the City

Time: 28-11-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Zongjiao Lukang park is located behind the Potala Palace. There are ancient trees, lakes, people walking and viewing, and migratory birds playing all over the lake.

For some Tibetan citizens, taking public bus to Zongjiao Lukang Park to watch birds or feed migratory birds is the motivation for them to get up early in winter. Even if they are on vacation, they would also get up early every day and take a walk and watch birds around the park.

Migratory Birds in Zongjiao Lukang Park
Migratory Birds in Zongjiao Lukang Park

The sun shines on the lake, the water is clear to the bottom, groups of migratory birds wander in the lake. The red-headed gulls soar in the air and grace into the water. Yellow ducks bask lazily in the sun, flapping their wings from time to time, stirring waves, a few bark-headed geese in the side of the food, from time to time chasing each other, attracted watching citizens and tourists kept holding up the phone or camera, recording this beautiful picture.

Apart from walking around the lake and watching birds, Zongjiao Lukang Park is also a good place for morning exercise, such as Tai chi, yoga, martial arts... All kinds of movements are easy to do, if someone does not standard, there are volunteers to help adjust, patiently and carefully teach everyone every move.

Of course, the most lively number of jump pot chuang. The sound of music, cheerful dance steps, beautiful national costumes, attracted the citizens to stop to watch. From time to time, some citizens are interested in joining in and following everyone to jump up.

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