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The Impressive Tibetan People I’ve Ever Met

Time: 19-07-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

About 6 years ago I went to travel with one of my friends and we traveled to Hongyuan County and Ruoergai Prairie which is located in northern part of Sichuan, belongs to Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture. Most of the people there are Tibetans and they are quite kind-hearted,enthusiastic and also unsophisticated. I was deeply impressed by one of the Tibetan uncles.

As we went there by bus, as people knew in 2013, the transportation in these remote places were not convenient. So next day when we needed to go Ruoergai Prairie, we decided to rent a car to take us there, which can allow us to have more free time during the driving. The hostel owner Uncle Tashi made deal with us, and we promised to pay him 200RMB for the sending off. Actually the return distance between these two places is more than 250km and also we added some places to visit during the driving. So it was quite good deal for both of us.

The Impressive Tibetan People I’ve Ever Met
The Impressive Tibetan People I’ve Ever Met

Uncle Tashi was about 40 years old, before we departed he asked if he could take his wife and little girl with us because his wife war free at home that day and he wanted to take them with him, we had no problem since there was still two empty seats for it. So we went together happily and he introduced us a lot of local sight seeings and also many interesting stories and culture. We laughed all the ways. He shared with us about his family and this was his second wife as his late wife passed away 5 years ago because of disease and he almost spent all the savings to save her but no good luck on her. When he shared this story, there was tears in his eyes as I watched it from the car mirror.

Then it was time for lunch and we stopped in Tangke town(which is famous for The First Ben of Yellow River). And there was marketing and shops, and he took us to a restaurants. And the restaurants owner took us another menu to order which had Tibetan words on it and also comparing other one, the price was much lower. Uncle Tashi told us all the restaurants had two different menu as one was for tourists and the other was for local Tibetans. We felt quite uncomfortable about this but can understand it. When they made order, I went for walking and found a shop to sell the yak yogurt. And it was 5RMB per cup and I bargained 20RMB for 5 cups because we had 5 people exactly, then I took the yogurt back to them, and shared the yogurt wit them, and uncle Tashi and his wife were quite thankful about it.

Soon we had our lunch, and the waiter sent us one by one. I noticed that uncle Tashi and his wife did not pick up much the dishes except took a lot of rice. Actually we ordered enough dishes for 5 people. And also every time Uncle Tashi just left me and the friend the meat and delicious dishes. We asked them to help themselves at home, they nodded but never did so. Uncle Tashi finished his lunch quite fast, then later my friend and I were full too, but there was still some dishes left. Uncle Tashi asked if we were full and finished, we said yes. Then he said he would like one more bowl of rice if we do not mind, so he took his bowl again and started to eat all the dishes we left, we asked if he needed to order some more, he said it was enough and he was satisfied. I was so moved at that moment, that he waited us to be full then he continued again his own lunch. So he told white lie before and did not finish his lunch he just waited us to enjoy it firstly.

Beautiful Scenery Along the Way
Beautiful Scenery Along the Way

To be honest this was the first time in my lifetime that someone waited me to have enough food then he would like to take his own after that, I do not think even my parents can do this to me. That is not a simple lunch but a big respect he showed to us and I was so impressed about it. I can never had such experience in my big city and uncle Tashi cannot be forgotten forever.  

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I'm interested in the 14 day trip from Lhasa to Nepal trip. In in January or February would be great. how much would that be? is there space?

best regards Mo***

Answered by Nancy

Dear Mo***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. Sorry we do not have any group tour in Jan or Feb to Kailash as there will be heavy snow and the road will be blocked, and also the area would be closed, and no one do the business there, no hotel, no restaurants there. So from Nov to March we would not send any groups there.
If you would like to do this tour, you must plan it from April to Oct. and at present we have the group tour in next 6th May and 29th May, and we will have more available date in future. if you are interested in joining in this, please kindly let me know. Best regards.

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