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Taboos in Tibet can be categorized into several kinds: Taboos in personal contact, family life, farming and herding production and those based on religious beliefs or disciplines. They reflect Tibetans' understanding of the relationship between humans, man and nature and man and super-nature while they strive for living in severe conditions. The taboos about daily life and production summarize the experiences of Tibetan people in their long practice, and therefore carry scientific values.

Tibet people are religious people and visitors may find their customs and practices are very different to that in the countries they come from. Although Tibet people are friendly and easy to get along with but there are still some points you should be sensitive about when you travel there. Be sure to respect local customs and traditions when traveling in Tibet.

  • Never touch the head top of other people.
  • Spiting and applauding behind people is Tibet taboos.
  • Do not make noise or touch Buddha statues in Buddha halls. Do not take photos or to make videos clips there without permission.
  • Take your hat off when entering a chapel.
  • Never stride over the religion equipments and fire pans.
  • Scripture wheel or scripture scroll can not be revolved in reverse.
  • Monasteries are regarded as the main scenic spots in Tibet. The Tibetans always believe in the Tibetan Buddhism. You must walk clockwise when rolling a prayer wheel, but in some monasteries of the Tibetan Bon religion, you have to walk counterclockwise.
  • People must have a round walk from left to right when meeting the temples, pagodas and something religionary.
  • Do not eat donkey meat, horse meat and dog meat there, and in some places fish is also Tibet taboos.
  • Eating in full mouth is Tibet taboos, and eating and drinking should be in silence.
  • Drinking ghee tea also has some notices. Don��t drink until the host hand up to you sincerely.
  • Do not talk the sensitive issues like politics &, religion.
  • Sometimes, you may find many aged Tibetan people followed with some sheep with red silk while they are turning prayer wheels. You should not meddle with such sheep. They are bought by those religious believers from butchers to set free.

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