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Tibetans attach great importance to etiquette, which involves a wide range of social lives. The offering of hada is a good example. Hada is widely used in Tibet in such cases as New Year, festivals, greeting guests, meeting the revered, congratulations, praising the advanced, worshipping, marriage, funeral, completion of a new house and even in asking somebody for an errand or saying sorry, There is a set of established rules for guests to drink buttered tea and wine and receive hada and qiem (a wooden measure for grain). There is also a set of established rules for hosts/hostesses to offer buttered tea and wine, hada and qiema.

  • Use both hands to receive gifts.
  • Presenting white silk scarf "Hada," the symbol of good luck, is the grandest etiquette among the hospitable Tibetan ethnic group. You should incline your body when receiving the Hada.
  • Tibetan people always drink a toast when treating friends. Before a dinner starts, you may experience the etiquette of "Drink a Glass of Liquor with Three Sips."
  • To be specific, you will be asked to wet ring-finger with a touch of barley liquor and flick it toward the sky, midair and ground respectively, in order to show your esteem to the heaven, earth and ancestors or to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (the Buddhist community), and then take a sip.
  • The host will fill up the glass again before your second sup. After sipping like this for three times, you should drink up the remaining liquor in your glass.
  • During the toast on the dinner, the guests must firstly touch some wine with the ring finger and then sprinkle it into the air for three times in succession to show the respect to heaven, earth and ancestry, next lightly sip the wine, and then the host add it fully in time, and do it for three times successively until the fourth time. The fourth time you must drink to the bottom after it is filled by the host.
  • For the Tibetans, sticking out the tongue means expressing your modesty and respect for others. If they put their palms together, that means the best wish for you.

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