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Tourist Attractions in Tibet

Tibet has a wide span of territory, majestic mountains, and rivers, abundant materials, dense resources and unique humane views: it is a dazzling pearl on the southwestern border of the People's Republic of China.

In Tibet, wherever you go, whether the relatively populated cities, towns and villages, or uninhabited grassland; whether the elevated mountains, or jade-green lakes; you will always be amazed by the artistic wonders: the magnificent monastic architectures backed by mountains, the age-old petro glyphs and petro graphs depicted on wild cliffs, the prayer-flags flying over mountain passes and lakefronts, the ancient fortresses standing on peaks, the colorful and supernatural frescos, sculptures and thangkas decorated in monasteries and etc.

Tibet tourist resources are unique with 25 famous buildings, 13 historical attractions under the state's key protection, 12 regional-level relics' protection units, three holy lakes and 50 peaks with an elevation of over 7,000 meters and five one rising above 8,000 meters. The Potala palace is the landmark of Tibet and is one of the famous buildings and historical sites. This splendid land against the breeze wind, warm sunlight, blue sky, white clouds, tall poplars, stroking willows, green grasslands, icy peaks and snowy hills, attracting numerous Chinese and overseas tourists every year.

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