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How to Plan an Everest Base Camp Tour with Kids

Holiday is coming up, with many families excitedly planning their hiking, trekking and other outdoor adventures with kids. Among holiday destinations, Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular for family tour. Everest Base Camp journey can not only offer travelers countless incredible sceneries like vast grassland, majestic mountains, deep valleys, and splendid glacier but also give your kids chances to experience some exciting and challenging outdoor activities, such as trekking and hiking. Sounds like a great journey, right? However, apart from the beautiful sceneries, this journey is also full of challenges. Various bad environmental conditions like bad weather conditions, bumpy road, steep hills and various physical challenges like hypoxia, sunburn, and high-altitude sickness can make your family frustrated. But it doesn’t matter as long as you are well prepared. If you have no idea how to plan a perfect Everest Base Camp tour with kids, this guide will give you some useful tips.

Young girl standing before Mt. Everest
Young girl standing before Mt. Everest

Part 1. Is It Safe for Kids to Go to Everest Base Camp? What Is the Recommended Age to Hike to Everest Base Camp?
Part 2. How Hard Is It to Travel to Everest Base Camp with Kids?
Part 3. The Best Itinerary/Tours for Traveling to EBC with Kids
Part 4. What to Eat and Where to Stay?
Part 5. What to Bring for Everest Base Camp (Documents, Clothes, and Medicine)

Part 1. Is It Safe for Kids to Go to Everest Base Camp? What Is the Recommended Age to Travel to Everest Base Camp?

It is safe for kids to travel to Everest Base Camp as long as they are well prepared. For details on how to prepare for Everest Base Camp trip with kids, you can navigate to the following text. Apart from the safety issue, “what is the appropriate age for kids to travel to Everest Base Camp?” might be another issue that parents concern about.

Actually, there is no official age restriction on the Tibet side of Everest Base Camp. Some experts suggest that children under the age of 3 or 4 are not advised to elevations higher than 3,000m because of the risk of serious altitude related illness. And the average altitude of Tibet is above 4,000m and Tibet side Everest Base Camp is around 5,200m, so you should not take your children who are under the age of 3 or 4. You can take your kids to EBC until they are around 6-8 years old. Though some experts say children are safe as long as they are over 3 or 4 age, you’d better consult your doctor for some professional medical advice before setting off.  

Mt. Everest Region with kid
Mt. Everest Region with kid

Part 2. How Hard Is It to Travel to Everest Base Camp with Kids?

Travelling with little ones always present some challenges. The higher the altitude is, the harsher the environmental condition is. High altitude means thin air, increased ultraviolet radiation, low humidity and low temperature. Under these environments, it is more likely for kids to get high-altitude illness because their bodies have a hard time adjusting to the low oxygen level. This would be the biggest challenge for parents. Even that, this journey can also be done as long as parents make full preparation for high altitude sickness for their kids.

Part 3. The Best Itinerary/ Tours for Traveling to EBC with Kids

How to choose the most available itinerary or tour for family tour? Firstly, you need to make sure that the duration of the itinerary you choose is long enough for kid’s body to acclimatize to the elevation of Everest Base Camp. Generally speaking, we recommend staying in Lhasa for 3-4 days for acclimatization and then go to the Everest Base Camp. Secondly, you are suggested to book a private tour for this journey. Partly because the professional agency can help you arrange everything (documents) you need. The other reason is, in comparison with normal tour, private tour allows you to customize your journey, which is more personalize, flexible, and cost-effective. Franky, private tour is more convenient and suitable for family trips, particularly for those who have kids. Here we have carefully selected some private tours about Everest Base Camp with kids for you to choose from.

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10 Days Tibet Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour plus a cultural Tibet >
9 Days Panoramic Tibet Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour >

Young boy from Malaysia before Mt. Everest
Young boy from Malaysia before Mt. Everest

Part 4. What to Eat and Where to Stay

The only accommodation option is the Rongphu Monastery Guesthouse, which is clean with basic amenities. But the showering facilities are not available here. Rooms are not heated but have plenty of thick and warm blankets. Additionally, there is also restaurant that serves meals. Apart from accommodations, many parents might also be curious about what food they would be eating for this long journey. There are many tea houses, most of which offer various fruit favored powders that they mix with hot water. Apart from that, they also offer foods that are mainly made up of non-perishable ingredients, cereals, rice and grains. 

Part 5. What to Bring for Everest Base Camp (Documents, Clothes, and Medicine)

There are so many items need to be prepared for Everest Base Camp tour with kids, such as documents and clothes. To help you reduce the burden of making plan, we have collected all items you need for your reference.

1. Documents

You will need to obtain Chinese visas for you and your child. Do not list Tibet or Xinjiang on your Chinese visa application. In addition to Chinese visa, you are required to apply for the Tibet entry permit. To get this permit, you need to book a tour through a licensed local agency. In general, the agency will help you arrange documents you need. Notably, you can book a private tour if you want. Get more information on how to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit, you can move to this guide.

Rongbuk Monastery before Mt. Everest  
Rongbuk Monastery before Mt. Everest

2. Clothes

Bring both thick and thin clothes because there is a large difference between day and night. Shirts and jackets should have long sleeve to protect yourselves from strong sunlight. A pair of durable and comfortable shoes is MUST. And hat is also necessary, it can not only protect you from strong sunshine but also keep you warm. Additionally, we also suggest a buff-type thing to cover the mouth and nose when needed. For more clothes to pack for Everest Base Camp, you can refer to this guide.

Part 6. What Is the Best Time to Travel to EBC with Kids?

Spring is a relatively popular and busy time on the EBC trails. Temperatures during this time are certainly higher than winter. Autumn is also a golden time for travelling to EBC. During autumn months, the weather is dry and clear with high visibility.

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