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Lodging and Dining near EBC

Around EBC, tourists can either stay at Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse or Tent Guesthouses. The reason of not having more hotels is the preservation of the environment around Mount Everest. Tent Guesthouses are more popular among tourists and more used by the travel companies since they are closer to the Mt. Everest Base Camp (4km distance), thus, often the Tent Guesthouses area is also known as the “Tourists Base Camp”. Those tents are available from April to November. During the winter they are taken down because of the bad weather.

Tent Guesthouse near EBC
Tent Guesthouse near EBC

Each tent guesthouse has around ten beds with really warm quilts; the beds are next to each other, sometimes during the very peak season there are more than ten people sleeping in a tent. In the middle of each tent, there is a stove to keep the tent warm, the locals burning yak dung with smoke goes out through the chimney naturally, so you there is not any single bad smell.

Tent Guesthouse near EBC
Tent Guesthouse near EBC

The Kitchen Tent is just behind the sleeping tent, the owner of the tent is also the cook who will prepare the meals for you upon your order. Mainly, there are Chinese food and Tibetan food, like fried rice, noodles, pork, yak meat, vegetables and soups. Price is very reasonable ranging from USD 5 to USD 15 per meal depend on how good you want your meals to be. It’s just a little bit expensive than food price in Lhasa. Beers also available to sale indie the tents, but that is not advised, we advise you to drink more tea instead.

Rongbuk Guesthouse Room 
Rongbuk Guesthouse Room

While, in winter, tourists can only stay at Rongbuk Guesthouse (8km from the EBC) which has about 4 to 6 beds in each room. Like the tents, it has 24 hours electricity supply and all the hot water is also provided by the thermos bottles.

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