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Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet

Mount Everest, the main peak of Himalayas, is the highest mountain in the world. It is over the border between China and Nepal. On opposite sides of Mount Everest, there are the North Base Camp and South Base Camp distributed. And the North Base Camp is located in Tibet, China.

In early 2019, rumors say that the Chinese government has closed off its side of the Everest Base Camp. Actually, the Everest Base Camp will continue to be open to tourists with conditions. Ordinary tourists are allowed to visit areas around Rongbuk Monastery at about 5150m. As for travelers who have a climbing permit, they can go to the base camp at an altitude of 5200m.

If you are planning an Everest Base camp trekking in Tibet, you can find useful information in our article. Everything about the Everest Base Camp trek in Tibet is going to be introduced in this article below. Just keep reading.

Everest Base camp trekking in Tibet  
Everest Base camp trekking in Tibet 

Part 1. A Brief Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary
Part 2. Everest Base Camp Trek Cost
Part 3. The Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trekking
Part 4. Required Documents for Everest Base Camp Trekking
Part 5. What to Pack for Everest Base Camp Trekking
Part 6. Extra Tips for Everest Base Camp Trekking in Tibet

Part 1. A Brief Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

The old Tingri to Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in Tibet. Old Tingri is trekkers’ gateway to Everest Base Camp. Then you need to pass through Ra-chu Valley to Lungthang, Lamna La Pass, Zommug, Rongbuk Monastery. Finally you can arrive at the destination - Everest Base Camp. The whole 70km Everest Base Camp trekking journey requires 4-5 days. Below comes the map of EBC trek.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Map  
Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Map

EBC trek Route: Old Tingri - Lungthang - Lamna La - Zommug - Rongbuk Monastery (EBC)
Distance: 70km
Duration: 4-5 days

Note: Usually, tourists first take a train or fly to Lhasa and stay there for 2-3 days to visit the Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Barkhor Street, etc. Then hire a vehicle from Lhasa to Shigatse to apply for PSB permit (Alien’ Travel Permit) for Mount Everest and drive to Old Tingri. The 12-day Everest Base Camp trekking tour offered by Budget Tibet Tour group proves to be a nice option.

Part 2. Everest Base Camp Trek Cost 

The Everest Base Camp trek cost here only includes the cost from Old Tingri to EBC.

1. Guide

In Tibet, the tour guide is paid by the day. Most of guides cost about RMB 400-500 per day. The Everest Base Camp trek usually takes 4-5 days, so the cost on guide will be about RMB 2000 totally.

2. Travel permits

Three kinds of permits are needed for your Everest Base Camp trek, Tibet Travel Permit, Alien’s Travel Permit and Tibet Border Pass. It takes RMB 50 to apply for the Alien’s Travel Permit. The other two permits are free officially.

3. Entrance fee

Rongbuk Monatery is perfect for photographers to shoot Mount Everest. The entrance fee of Rongbuk Monatery is RMB 35. Everest Base Camp mainly provide tourists with basic accommodation, toilets and tent post office (the highest post office in China). The entrance fee for Everest Base Camp is RMB 180.

4. Accommodation

Everest Base Camp Tent Guesthouses that are only available from April to November cost about RMB 100 per person. Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse that is 8km away from Everest Base Camp cost about RMB 150 per person.

5. Meals

Very limited food options are offered in EBC area and the price is high. The average food cost at Everest Base Camp is about RMB 100 per day. To save your budget for EBC trek, it is better to bring food and drinks here. 

Part 3. The Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trekking 

The perfect weather condition for Everest Base Camp trekking requires warm temperature and clear sky, so the warmer half of the year in Tibet is more suitable. July and August are the exception because the two months tend to be rainy. Generally, the best time for EBC trek includes May, June, September and October.

  • May and June are excellent months without much rain or snowfall. During this time, the peak of Mt. Everest can be seen very clear.
  • September and October are also nice time to trek after the monsoon and before the harsh winter. But pay attention in high areas, the nights are cold.

Part 4. Required Documents for Everest Base Camp Trekking 

Some necessary documents are required for your Everest Base Camp trekking.

  • Chinese visa is always needed for international tourists who travel to China. You need to apply for Chinese visa at the Chinese embassy at your home country in advance.
  • Tibet Travel Permit, also called Tibet Entry Permit, is a must-have document for Tibet travel. International tourists can only get the Tibet Travel Permit from a local tour operator in Lhasa.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet  
Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet

  • Alien’s Travel Permit is required in Shigatse, Shanan and Nagari that are must-passed places on the way to Kathmandu. Usually, your tour guide will help you arrange it.
  • Tibet Border Pass is required for your Everest Base Camp trekking. Tourists have to contact a Tibet travel agency to apply the Border Pass from the Tibet Armed Police Border Corps in Lhasa.

Part 5. What to Pack for Everest Base Camp Trekking  

Everest Base Camp is in the far southwest of Tibet. The harsh climate and environment require you to pack suitable gear and equipment.

  • Clothing and footwear
    For the EBC trek, you need basic warm clothing, including scarf, gloves, down jacket, long underwear, warm socks, sun hat, as well as warm pants and shirts. It’s important to pack a pair of strong and well-fitting boots.
  • Equipment and medicines
    A light down-filled sleeping bag is necessary because it is cold at night. And prepare some oxygen bags in case you don’t feel well while your EBC trek. Also pack the medicine for cold, headache, stomach ache, insect bite, diarrhea, and high altitude sickness. Don’t forget to take a strong backpack.

What to Pack for EBC Trek  
What to Pack for EBC Trek

  • Food and drinks
    Trekking in high altitude regions usually make you lose energy quickly. Some high calorie and high protein snacks are nice choice to supply the lost energy, such as chocolates, biscuits, dried fruits, nuts and dried meat strips. Before the start of your EBC trek, make sure your water bottle is full. Sometimes, the water purification tablets can be helpful.
  • Skin protection and others
    It’s always important to take suncream with a SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin from sunburn. A good pair of sunglasses with a high UV filter is necessary to protect your eyes from snow blindness.

Part 6. Extra Tips for Everest Base Camp Trekking in Tibet 

Trekking at EBC in Tibet
Trekking at EBC in Tibet

There are several extra tips for your Everest Base Camp trekking in Tibet listed for your reference.

  1. The long distance and high elevations may make the EBC trek difficult for some tourists. So if you want to relieve the burden on shoulder, you can hire yaks or horses to do the heavy work.
  2. Use a dedicated rubbish bag and minimize packaging materials. Please take away every piece of your rubbish including toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and tampons.
  3. Where there is no toilet, pay attention that human waste should be buried in a privy pit that is away from trails, water, habitations and shrines or any other sacred structures. Or use human waste disposal bags and take them away.
  4. Do not burn plastic and other garbage as this is believed to irritate the Tibetan divinities.
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