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Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Many reports said the Chinese government has closed its Everest base camp to tourists. The truth is that due to an increasing amount of trash left behind at the site, Tibet-side Everest Base Camp now is limited to open. As usual, the climbers’ camp is still open to mountaineers who have climbing permits - and only 300 climbing permits are issued every year.

As for ordinary tourists, they are allowed to reach the Tourist Base Camp that is nearby the Rongbuk Monastery. Here you have incredible views of Mount Everest. Want to start an EBC trek right now? Follow this article to get details of Tibet Everest Base Camp trek itinerary.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary
Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Part 1. How to Get to Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Tibet is located at the highest land on earth. For tourists new to the plateau, it takes some time to get used to the environment. So usually, after the arrival at Lhasa, tourists stay there for 2-3 days and visit attractions there while adapting to the new environment. Then the group have to drive to the city of Shigatse to apply for the Alien’ Travel Permit for Mount Everest region visit. And then continue west to the small town of Old Tingri, the start point of Tibet Everest Base Camp trek.

Then you’ll have the wonderful experience to trek in Tibet Plateau. Pass through Ra-chu Valley to Lungthang, Lamna La Pass, Zommug, and finally to Rongbuk Monastery that is the present Everest Base Camp for tourists. The whole 70km Everest Base Camp trekking journey requires about 4-5 days. 

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary  
Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Part 2. Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary 

You can join the Everest Base Camp Trekking offered by BudgetTibetTour group, a professional and reliable travel agency. And here is the detailed Tibet Everest Base Camp trek route.

Day 1 of EBC Trek Itinerary: Old Tingri - Lungthang 
To finish the 12km trekking from Old Tingri to Lunthang, you need to pass through the Ra-chu Valley. Along the trek trail, you will see beautiful valley scenery with large grassland and might come across packs of sheep and goats.

Day 2 of EBC Trek Itinerary: Lungthang - Lamna La Pass
The 21km trek today proves to be more challenging because you will go up into the mountains. You are supposed to climb towards the top of the Lamna La, which is a perfect point to overlook the Lamna La Valley.

Day 3 of EBC Trek Itinerary: Lamna La Pass - Zommug
You have 22km to trek from Lamna La Pass to Zommug today. You will meet yak herders. If the weather is good, you would witness the stunning sunset in Zommug village.

Day 4 of EBC Trek Itinerary: Zommug - Rongbuk Monastery (EBC)
From Zommug to Rongbuk Monastery that is the highest monastery in the world, you have the final 15km to trek. After that, you will arrive at the tourist base camp around Rongbuk Monastery. There are several ideal spots for tourists to enjoy the amazing and breathtaking views of Mount Everest.

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user portrait Ms. Ho*** from: When to get my Tibet permit

Hello, we are considering to travel in Tibet in summer. We are a family of 5, two adults and three kids, age 13(then), 10, 8. We are interested in the 10 days Mt. EBC & Namtso Lake Group tour. We are US citizens with valid 10-year Chinese multiple entry visa, which we have applied when we went to Beijing in 2019. We are currently living in South Korea.  


1. Are kids suitable (or even allowed) for this tour?  

2. If kids can join, are there any discount deals for kids?

Answered by Helen

Dear Ms. Ho***,

    Greetings from Helen at Budget Tibet Tour and welcome you to join our 10 days Mt. Everest & Namtso Lake group tour. For your questions: 1. Your kids are suitable for this tour. Travelling in Tibet is as safe for kids as it is for their parents. While the high Tibetan plateau may be the highest place on the planet, very often, the kids that visit this region are more adaptable and have fewer problems than their parents. We also have arranged wonderful Tibet tours for many families with kids such as a tour to EBC for a family with a 3-year-old son, a 9-year-old girl and a 11-year-old boy, they did have fun in Tibet and there is no problem for them. Or you can take some medicine under the guidance of doctor to prevent high altitude before enter Tibet. 2. If kids travel with you, we'll offer some discount for them, please check your email and find more detailed information. Thanks & Regards

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