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How to Plan a Tibet-Side Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

Reaching the summit of Everest has become the goal of thousands of mountaineers from around the world. In the eyes of climbers, this mountain is defiant, impersonal, implacable, uncaring, intimidating...challenging. It challenges them and makes them feel small and insignificant. For that, thousands of adventurers want to conquer it by climbing to the summit.

Mount Everest Base Camp Hike  
Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

However, Everest is always dangerous and difficult. Overcrowding, bad weather, and a record number of permits are all contributing factors. More than 300 people have died attempting to reach the summit. Though the hike to the Mount Everest Base Camp is not as difficult as climbing to the summit, for hikers, numerous challenges still exist. So, it is very necessary to be prepared before hiking. On this page, we will provide you with some useful tips how to plan a Tibet-Side Everest Base Camp Hike.

Part 1. Preparation for Tibet-Side Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

No matter you are a veteran hiker or a less experienced hiker, you need to make full preparation for this adventure. Here are some useful tips for you to refer to. Notably, remember to start working on these details at least three months in advance.

1. Physical Conditions

Hiking to the Tibet-Side Mount Everest Base Camp is a physical challenge which is well within the reach of most people who enjoy a reasonable standard of fitness. But even so, training specifically for this hike is also necessary since challenges are everywhere. Here are some health tips for hiking in Mount Everest Base Camp.

Physical Conditions for Hiking  
Physical Conditions for Hiking

  • You are strongly advised to consult a doctor that whether you are fit for hiking before start planning your hike journey or start a training program.
  • Boosting your aerobic fitness, which can greatly strengthen your heart, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, make your lungs strong, and help your body acclimatize better to the high altitude.
  • Strength training. It improves your posture and helps to prevent low back pain.
  • Staying hydrated. Running low on fluids can diminish your endurance, contribute to fatigue, and make you more susceptible to getting altitude illness.
  • Sleep well. This is crucial for hiking in some high-altitude areas, since people often have trouble sleeping at higher altitudes, and diminished sleep will make your expedition much more challenging.

2. Documents You Need to Hike in Tibet-Side Mount Everest Base Camp

  • Passport with visa. Chinese embassies will not issue a visa if your passport has less than six months' validity remaining, so you need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit: Issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), Tibet Permit is a two-page A4 size document that allows you to enter to Tibet and travel in Tibet. To get this permit, you need to book a guide for your entire trip and pre-arrange your trip in advance.
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  • Aliens’ Travel Permit: Aliens' Travel Permit is issued by the Public Security Bureau, "PSB". Generally, you can apply for this permit once your arrival at Lhasa. For group tours, your tour guide will help you arrange it.

3. Location & Maps of Tibet – Side Mount Everest Base Camp

A good map is essential for a hiking journey. It can be used to plan routes, estimate travel times, find water, and track your progress on hikes. Below is the map of the North Mount Everest Base Camp.

Location & Maps of Tibet – Side Mount Everest Base Camp
Location & Maps of Tibet – Side Mount Everest Base Camp

Location: Tingri, Shigatse
Altitude: 5200m
Transportation: take tour bus; trek, hike
Travel documents: Tibet Travel Permit; Alien’s Permit
Best Time to Tour EBC: April to Mid-June; Sept to Nov
View of Mt. Everest: Stunning Panoramic view of the north ridge and entire summit of Mt. Everest.
Accommodation: Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse or Tent Guesthouses

4. Weather & Tips

It is very important to check the weather forecast before heading out on a hike. Weather changes very quickly, especially at high elevations and around mountains. Checking the weather forecast allows you to put the right hiking clothes or other useful gears into your pack. Ultimately, it makes for a much better hiking experience. Here we will provide you with some detailed climate information of the Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet that might be helpful.

Weather of Mount Everest
  Apr. May June July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar.
Maximum 10 ℃ 15 ℃ 17 ℃ 16 ℃ 16 ℃ 17 ℃ 12 ℃ 7 ℃ 4 ℃ 4 ℃ 4 ℃ 7 ℃
Minimum -5 ℃ 0 ℃ 5 ℃ 8 ℃ 6 ℃ 2 ℃ -7 ℃ -12 ℃ -15 ℃ -17 ℃ -15 ℃ -12 ℃
Summary A little Cold Generally Warm Day and Night Freezing in the Night and Early Morning
Clothing Thin Down Jacket Warm Jacket Thick Down Coat

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Note: If you want to know what is the best time for hiking in Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet, just navigate to the part 2.

5. Equipment and Clothing

In this part, you will find a complete Everest Base Camp packing list. This list is detailed with everything you need on your hike to the World’s most famous mountain base camp.

  • Clothes: 4-6x pairs of breathable sports underwear, and for the ladies – 2 x sports bras; 2x tops and 1x bottom base layer that are manufactured by Smartwool or Icebreaker; 4-6 trekking shirts. Make sure these shirts are made from high-wicking material like merino wool as you will be reusing them for multiple days; 2x trekking trousers; Insulated Jacket; Fleece Jacket; Hard Shell Jacket and Rain Gear
  • Headgear: Sun protection hat; Beanie or headband; Buff, balaclava or neckband
  • Hands: Inner gloves and outer gloves
  • Footwear: Hiking boots, trekking shoes, hiking socks, thermal socks, gaiters.
  • Duffel Bag and Backpack: Duffel bag, backpack, a sleeping bag.
  • Important Accessories: Trekking poles, sunglasses, water bottle or hydration bladder, headlamps, etc.
  • Medicine: Diamox, paracetamol (for headache), and Imodium (for diarrhea).

Part 2. Detailed Travel Tips for Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

In this part, we will outline a detailed travel guide for hiking to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

1. How to Get to North Mount Everest Base Camp?

Generally speaking, international hikers can not travel Tibet or Everest Base Camp Region independently. Only those who have pre-arranged organized tour are allowed in. If you want to get there, just book a trip with a local travel agency. They will help you arrange everything including Tibet Travel Permit, alien’s permit, tour guide, transportation, and driver.

2. Where to Stay? & What to Eat during North Mount Everest Base Camp Hike?

  • Accommodation - Around EBC, tourists can either stay at Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse or Tent Guesthouses, which are closer to the Mt. Everest Base Camp (4km). These tents are available from April to November. During the winter they are taken down because of the bad weather.

Tent Guesthouse near EBC
Tent Guesthouse near EBC

  • Food – Usually, the owner of the tent is also the cook who will prepare the meals for travelers. Mainly, there are Chinese food and Tibetan food such as fried rice, noodles, pork, yak meat, vegetables, and soups. Price is very reasonable ranging from USD 5 to USD 15 per meal depending on how good you want your meals to be.

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3. When to Go Hike? (The Best Time for Mount Everest Base Camp Hike)

The best time to hike to North Mount Everest Base Camp is mid-April to mid-June and mid-September to mid-October. During this time, the weather is not as cold as winter and the sky is clear.

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4. Recommended Hike Itineraries (Most Popular and Classic)

The old Tingri to Everest Base Camp is considered a world-class hiking route. It provides hikers with an exhilarating mix of seclusion, wildlife sightseeing, and majestic mountains views along the way. This hiking route is located at an altitude ranging from 4400km to 5300km. You are suggested to finish the trek within 4 days, which is sufficient for you to explore the glacier, valleys and the most magnificent world’s highest mountains.

Hike Itineraries in North Mount Everest Base Camp  
Hike Itineraries in North Mount Everest Base Camp

  • Distance: 70km (From old Tingri to Everest Base Camp)
  • Duration: 4-5 Days
  • Start: Old Tingri
  • End: EBC (5220m)
  • Highest point: EBC (5220m)
  • Difficulty: Medium to difficult

5. Important Notice for Mount Everest Base Camp Hike

  • There is no internet access in the North Mount Everest Base Camp, while the 3G signal is available.
  • There is no running hot water or showers at EBC.
  • You’d better charge your camera while in Shigatse as the electricity service in Mount Everest Base Camp might be interrupted by unexpectable weather like a sudden snowstorm in winter.
  • Keeping warm is important since the weather of EBC is very cold and the wind is very strong, especially at night.
  • Take your own medicine and additional oxygen bottles with you to EBC.
  • Try to drink less water at night to avoid going to the toilet in the chilly midnight.   
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