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Mount Kailash Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal

There are three different ways to take Tibet tours from Kathmandu, with the ability to get to Mount Kailash from Kathmandu by flight and land.

Option One: Kathmandu to Mount Kailash Through Lhasa

Kathmandu - (flight) - Lhasa - Mount Kailash

One option is to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa. From Lhasa to Mount Kailash you can go by car through two different routes. The northern route and southern route both go from Lhasa to Mount Kailash. The southern route is part of the Xinjiang - Tibet Highway and it’s the most frequently used route to Mount Kailash by travelers.

Southern route from Lhasa to Mount Kailash for Tibet tours from Kathmandu:

Route: Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhatse - Saga - Paryang - Darchen (1200km)

Lhasa to Darchen map

Option Two: Mount Kailash from Kathmandu Through Gyirong Port

Kathmandu - Gyirong Port (overland) Darchen

There’s also a way go to Mount Kailash overland from Kathmandu, Nepal. There’s a border crossing between Nepal and Tibet at Gyirong Port. However the border crossing has been closed since the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. It’s not an option for foreign passport holders at this moment because both Chinese and Nepalese governments still have some reconstruction to finish after the earthquake, after the new port at Gyirong is ready (said to be open for international tourists in 2018), tourists can continue travelling west to mount Kailash from there. If tourists choose to travel in this way, two days stay in Gyirong Town at 2700 meters high is advised for acclimatization reasons, because Kathmandu is very low at only 1370 meters high. We do not advise to reach Saga (4500 meters high) and Mount Kailash region in a quick manner.  

Route: Kathmandu - Gyirong Port (overland) - Saga - Paryang - Darchen (860km)

Kathmandu to Darche map

Option Three: Tibet Tour from Kathmandu Through Simikot

Kathmandu - Simikot - Mount Kailash

The third way to Mount Kailash from Kathmandu is through the small village of Simikot in far northwest of Nepal. First you need to fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj in southwestern Nepal. Then you need a flight from Nepalganj to Simikot (2985m). From Simikot you can either take a helicopter to the village of Hilsa (3650) or hiking from Simikot to Hilsa. Taking a helicopter is not recommended, because of the short time to acclimatize. The trek from Simikot to Hilsa takes about 6 days and compared to the helicopter, gives you enough time to get acclimatized to the high elevation. From Hilsa it’s possible to cross the bridge into Tibet. In the Tibet side you will need to go to Purang (3890) and from there you go to Darchen, which is the starting point of Mount Kailash trek.

Route: Kathmandu - Nepalganj - Simikot - Hilsa - Purang - Darchen

Kathmandu - Simikot - Mount Kailash

 Why Mount Kailash is worshiped as the most sacred mountain in Tibet?Saga Dawa Festival tour in 2019
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user portrait Mr. Mi*** from: Mount Kailash Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal

I want to do tour from Kathmondu, coming from USA. what do you recommand in August 2019? Thanks.

Answered by Nancy

Dear Mr. Mi***, 

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet tour, and I am glad to be at your service. Please kindly let me know your nationality firstly since your tour will be involved with Kailash. If you will enter Tibet from Kathmandu, you must leave 3 working days in Kathmandu for you to apply your China visa there, and also if you would like to visit Kailash for sure, I recommend you fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa to join in a group tour as almost all the group tour start from Lhasa. I recommend you to fly to China from USA then go to Kathmandu after the tour as we can drop off you at the border so you can go Kathmandu by overland. Anyway I will send you more details by email. Best regards. 

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 Why Mount Kailash is worshiped as the most sacred mountain in Tibet?
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