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Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Tibet Mount Kailash trekking tour cost consists of seven main parts, namely vehicle (with driver), guide, hotel, travel permits, entrance fee, meals and possible packing animal fee if necessary. Let's break those 7 parts down to see how much budget you need for such an epic tour.

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Vehicle Cost

Vehicle transport is always the biggest part of a Tibet tour cost. There are totally around 1200kms driving distance (single way) from Lhasa to Darchen, 400kms more if includes detours to Gyantse and Mt. Everest Base Camp, which most of tourists prefer to do. So, a return trip driving between Lhasa and Mount Kailash makes around 3000kms totally, normally 8 days are needed for this return drive. No matter vehicle is paid by per kilometer or by the day, it's not cheap for such a long journey. Based on different vehicle types and different seasons, the vehicle cost ranges from about RMB 15000 to RMB 35000 per journey. For example, if tourists use a MPV in April or May, the cost is about RMB 15000 to RMB 17000 depends on market demand. If tourists use a big bus of more than 30 seats in August or September or during the Saga Dawa Festival period, the cost will be over RMB 30000.

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Guide Cost

In Tibet, the tour guide is paid by the day, salary ranges from RMB 250 to RMB 500 per day depends on tour guide's experience, knowledge, service as well as market demand. Most of guides' daily salary is about RMB 300-350 per day, a supplement of RMB 100 per day is required when guiding a Mount Kailash trekking tour because it's relatively more tough and harsh to guide in that area. Take a 15 days Mount Kailash tour for example, the cost on guide will be around RMB 400 * 15 = RMB 6000 totally, the cost varies a little depends on different months.

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Hotel Cost

Travelling on high plateau of Tibet is more difficult than travelling at lower places for many reasons, so a good hotel to rest and sleep is very important. In each town and city from Lhasa to Darchen, there are clean and comfortable hotels to choose. Five star hotels are only available in Lhasa with many 4 and 3 star hotels to choose, Shigatse has no 5 star but only 4 and 3 star hotel, while in Lhatse, Saga and Darchen, the hotel choices are very limited, 2 star is the best, means clean and comfortable, no fancy facility. The cost of 3 and 4 star hotels (most of people choose) in Lhasa and Shigatse is from RMB 260 to RMB 550 per room per night depends on seasons. In Lhatse, Saga and Darchen, to stay in a clean and comfortable hotel the average price is around RMB 320 per night per room annually. Note, there is no hotel during the trekking day 1 and day 2 at Mount Kailash, the guesthouse nearby the monastery is very simple and basic, only a room with beds and quilt (dorm beds room), no running hot water, no private bathroom, no electricity, price is around RMB 100 -  150 per person depends on seasons. Suppose you join in our 15 days Mount Kailash trekking tour based on 3 star hotels in Lhasa and Shigatse, you will spend around RMB 160 *14 = RMB 2240 on hotels, it could be a little bit more if it's in peak seasons.

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Travel Permits Cost

There are totally 3 kinds of permits needed to travel to Mount Kailash, Tibet Entry Permit, Alien's Travel Permit and Military Permit. It costs RMB 50 per person while apply for the Alien's Travel Permit while in Shigatse, the other two permits are free of charge officially. But, since a lot of organization work and time is needed to get these two permits, so a service charge normally is added. The price of service charge varies depends on different companies.

Entrance Fee Cost

To travel to Mount Kailash, there are a lots of spots to visit while in Lhasa city and on the way, what follows are the entrance ticket fee for some typically visited places from Lhasa all the way to Mount Kailash.

Potala Palace RMB200
Johkang Temple RMB 85
Drepung Monastery RMB 50
Sera Monastery RMB 50
Yamdork Lake RMB 40
Karola Glacier RMB 50
Pelcho Monastery RMB 60
Tashilumpo Monastery RMB 100
Rongbuk Monastery RMB 25
Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar RMB 300

Total amounts is at RMB 1120 = USD 166 totally (1 USD = 6.75 RMB)

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Meals Cost

Meals in Tibet are not expensive considering most of cereal and vegetables are shipped from China proper to Tibet. The price differs much depends on what you like eating, for a simple fired rice (noodle) with vegetable and meat, it costs around RMB 25-35, if you want one more soup (tomato with egg soup), another RMB 25-35 is needed. Sometimes, all the group members can order several dishes and share together like Chinese style; it costs around RMB 50 per person for some decent food. On average, if you spend RMB 100 on lunch and dinner per day, you need a budget of RMB 1500 for meals on 15 days Mount Kailash tour, besides, you have to also pay for the breakfasts which are only included by the hotels in Lhasa and Shigate. Breakfast is about RMB 20 per person for some simple food.

Animal & Porters Cost

Most of people will leave their luggage on the car while go trekking, so they will not use yak, horse or porters when trek Mount Kailash, but some people still need for some reasons. What follows shown are the price for the yak & yakman, horse & horseman as well as a porter for three days trekking.

Yak RMB 240 / Yak/ Day
Yak-man RMB 260 / Day

Note: Normally, one Yak-man leads three yaks. That is to say, it costs RMB 240*3yaks*3days + RMB 260*3days= RMB 2940 if you hire 3 yaks plus 1 yak-man. Most of time, this cost is unnecessary, because tourists can leave all their big luggage on the car and only bring some light and important things like passport, cash, snacks and water. Yaks are only for the luggage, not for any human.

Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Horse RMB 310 / Horse / Day
Horseman RMB 260 / Day

Note: Horses are used for human, for those cannot walk too much, unable to trek over the Drolma-la Pass, for those need urgent retreat from high altitude places. One horseman leads one horse. Most of time, you see only Indian pilgrims use it. That is to say, the total cost on horse will be RMB (310+260)*3 = RMB1710 for 3 days trekking.

Porters RMB 210 / Day

Note: This is the most economical and smart choice if you have some little heavy but important thing to bring along the trail, 3 days porter service only costs you RMB 630 totally.

By the way, all the food and accommodation cost during the trekking will be borne by locals themselves.  

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Travelers' Questions Might Help

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user portrait Mr. Ro*** from: Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Hi ,

Can I get information to do the Inner Kora Darshan of Mount Kailash. I am planning to start my tour from Lhasa. Appreciate if you could provide details//// Tour Operators . Please note I will flying from Canada to Lhasa and I do have a mutiple Chinese Visa.

Answered by Helen

Dear Mr. Ro***, 

Greetings from Helen at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. Normally people are not allowed to take the Inner Kora unless they finish the 13 circles outside kora, so at present we never managed it successful for the inner Kora tour there. And we only have the 15 days Tibet Mount Kailash Trekking plus Mt. Everest Base Camp tour available every month from April to Oct. Please kindly let me know when you would like to do this tour? So I can recommend you the proper date. Your visa will be No problem for us to apply Tibet permit. I will send you more details by email. Best regards.

Email to Helen about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Mr. NI*** from: Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Hello which site will show me to book to go kailash mount

Answered by Nancy

Dear Mr. Ni***, 

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. Before you would like to book the Kilash trekking tour, I need to know when you would like to do this tour? Your nationality, as it is quite important for us to know the nationality before because we cannot apply permit to Kailash for Indian passport and they need to join in the special pilgrim group on their own. And also I need to know how many people will be in your group? I will send this to your email, and hope to hear from you then we will continue the tour plan. Best regards. 

Email to Nancy about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Mr. su*** from: Mount Kailash Tour Cost

Dear Nancy

I need to do mt kailash tour , I will travel to Chengdu, catch a train to lahsa.I need a guide to transfer to hotel,and guide to catch the train to lahsa

we are two people me and my husband .I need  8 days tour to mt kailash including hotel and back to Kathmandu.I will get a Kathmandu seva bus to varnasi train station and need a transfer and tour guide Jaipur/rajistaan and back to dheli.

My travelling time plan and can be flexible

24 th april fly Chengdu stay 2 nights

26 th April catch a lahsa train

stay two nights and the tour starts from here to mt  kailash

after 8 days travel to Kathmandu

Please let me know the cost of the tour and the transfer in Chengdu and varnasi and tour .



Answered by Nancy

Hi Su***,

Good day to you. as if you will take Kailash tour as private tour, the cost never can be cheaper, because it is more than 2500km in distance, and we have to send car from Lhasa then get back to Lhasa wherever you end the tour, that’s why the cost is so high. No matter you enter Kailash from Lhasa or Kathmandu, it never can be cheap.  And also if we apply permit, we must provide you the licensed vehicle and the guide,  no agency can provide permit-only service or private vehicle, as we will get many pass on the road and need to make records, otherwise we are not allowed to pass by. If you really want to save the cost, I recommend you to join in the 13days group tour on 15th April as this tour can start from Lhasa and end at Nepal-China border Gyirong town, we had clients booked it before, and they would go Kathmandu after the tour too, so this tour will be cost saving as it is 1730$ per person. And drop you off at the border. I will send your the tour for private and group tour both to your email, please check it there. Best regards.

Email to Nancy about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

 Why Mount Kailash is worshiped as the most sacred mountain in Tibet?
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