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How the altitude changes from Kathmandu to Lhasa by overland? How to prepare for the high altitude in Tibet?

Time: 19-02-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

It is around 1370 meters above sea level in Kathmandu, then it is go higher while closing to the border, the average of the height is around 2600 meters in Gyirong town. And when we stay overnight in Old Tingri, the sea level is 4300meters. This is still a small piece of cake comparing to our main visiting of Everest Base Camp which is around 5200 meters high. After this point, we will go down to Shigaste which is about 3836meters, the capital Lhasa is 3650 meters. Normally we suggest people better bring some medicine which is against the high altitude sickness, and also we will provide oxygen tanks for emergency. Make sure you do not catch coldness neither fever before you head to Tibet. Do not take any arduous exercise while in Tibet, sometimes even the sportsman have troubles for the adaption because they will need more oxygen for their body while in Tibet. If any emergency happens, our guide will take patient to the hospital for treatment, most of the doctors in Tibet can treat AMS.

Gyirong Town
Gyirong Town

Two other important reminders are, firstly do not go up very quickly in Tibet if you enter from Kathmandu because Kathmandu is quite low in altitude, you must stay overnight in Gyirong and Old Shegar for 2 nights to fully acclimatize your body while sleep before heading to Mount Everest region (above 5000 meters), otherwise, it’s very risky to your body. However, if you have already acclimated yourself by travelling to some high altitude areas in Nepal, places over 3000 meters, then you can visit Mount Everest region in Tibet without 2 nights stay in Gyirong and Shegar, but anyway, 2 nights body acclimatization in Gyirong and Shegar is advised no matter you have high altitude experience or not, because the geographic and climate condition in Tibet is quite different from other high altitude destinations in the world. What follows you can see the altitude changes of different destinations we commonly stop and visit on our Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour.

Altitude & Distance from Kathmandu to Lhasa
Altitude & Distance from Kathmandu to Lhasa

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What documents are required to travel from Nepal to Tibet?

Nepal to Tibet visa

To travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa by air or overland, one has to bring passport and Chinese Group Visa; Tibet tour operator will hand the Tibet Travel Permit and pick you up with that permit allows you to travel in Tibet.
How to apply for the Chinese Group Visa? How much time it takes and do I have to stay in Kathmandu to wait for the visa to be approved?

Tibet Visa Kathmandu

The complete procedures guide you how to apply for the Tibet visa, what to prepare, how much time needed and what the visa looks like.
Can I apply for the Chinese Group Visa if I travel only by myself alone?

Chinese Group Visa one person

Chinese Group Visa for Tibet tours can both be applied by individuals and groups even this visa is called “group visa”. Solo traveler is allowed to apply for this group visa too.
What’s the valid duration of Chinese Group Visa? By using this visa, can I visit other parts of China, like Beijing or Shanghai after my tour in Tibet? Can I extend it while I am in China?

Chinese Group Visa Validation

Chinese Group Visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, also known as Tibet visa, is normally valid for 15 and 30 days.
Do I have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in person? What documents should be prepared for the group visa application?

Chinese Group Visa Application

Visa application form, passport, visa invitation letter, passport size picture and visa fees are things needed when applying for a Tibet visa in Kathmandu.
Which overland port is open for tourists to travel into Tibet from Nepal? When it opens and closes?

Nepal to Tibet via Gyirong

Gyirong Port(E85.30/N28.85) between China and Nepal is the only available open port for international tourists to travel between China and Nepal by overland
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user portrait Ms. Pa*** from: Mount Kailash Weather & Mount Kailash Temperature


I heard that a new road had been opened in June this year to Mt Kailash. I am interested in a 20 day package to Mt Kailash , Mansa rover in October 2020. I am convinced of the new road, pictures showed that we can reach Mt Kailash by jeep. I ask coz my husband is a triple by pass heart patient, he wont b able to trek. please reply with cost and Inf. Regards


Answered by Nancy

Dear Ms. Pa***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry.  At present we do not set any date in Oct 2020, and we can set any date based on yours, and if possible I hope you can come in next half of Oct as all the cost would be cheaper and less people there.

There is environment bus in Kailash, and people can take about 10 km with bus taking, but after that, no vehicle will be available during the trekking, so if your husband cannot take trekking, he has to rest in hotel with our driver and wait all of you come back. And also there is horse hire, people can hire a horse to ride, but as the road off mountain, because it is quite cliffy, so people are not allowed to ride a horse and need to take foot on own. And also the highest mountain pass will be around 5300meters high. So better for him to rest in hotel. But we will visit the holy lake without problem. I will send you more details by email, please check it there, best regards.

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