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What the road condition like from Kathmandu to Gyirong Port by overland? Is it safe?

Time: 19-02-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

It takes about 7 hours for only 170km from Kathmandu to the Gyirong border, so you can imagine how ordinary the road condition is. Most parts are the winding mountain road against the cliff, on one side it is the sheer cliff with the danger of falling, on the another side it is deep canyon without any guardrails. The road is muddy in rainy season from June to August, even sometimes it will be cut off because of the sudden flood or mudslide. In dry season, it is better. Now it is under asphalt construction with the Chinese government’s help. If it is ruined by flood in wet season, there will be helicopter service from the border to Kathmandu directly, which will only take half an hour to go and the cost about 200$ per person. Strongly recommended to take helicopter if the road was cut off. Though the road condition is not ideal, yet the scenery is indeed good as some parts cross the Langtang National Park in Nepal, the good scenery on the way pays off if the current bad road condition ever causes any discomfort. By the way, though the road condition looks not good, it’s quite safe, so far, not single accident happened while many vehicles travel back and forth each day.

Gyirong to Kathmandu Road
Gyirong to Kathmandu Road

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What documents are required to travel from Nepal to Tibet?

Nepal to Tibet visa

To travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa by air or overland, one has to bring passport and Chinese Group Visa; Tibet tour operator will hand the Tibet Travel Permit and pick you up with that permit allows you to travel in Tibet.
How to apply for the Chinese Group Visa? How much time it takes and do I have to stay in Kathmandu to wait for the visa to be approved?

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Can I apply for the Chinese Group Visa if I travel only by myself alone?

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Chinese Group Visa for Tibet tours can both be applied by individuals and groups even this visa is called “group visa”. Solo traveler is allowed to apply for this group visa too.
What’s the valid duration of Chinese Group Visa? By using this visa, can I visit other parts of China, like Beijing or Shanghai after my tour in Tibet? Can I extend it while I am in China?

Chinese Group Visa Validation

Chinese Group Visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, also known as Tibet visa, is normally valid for 15 and 30 days.
Do I have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in person? What documents should be prepared for the group visa application?

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Which overland port is open for tourists to travel into Tibet from Nepal? When it opens and closes?

Nepal to Tibet via Gyirong

Gyirong Port(E85.30/N28.85) between China and Nepal is the only available open port for international tourists to travel between China and Nepal by overland
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user portrait Mr. Te*** from: What the road condition like from Kathmandu to Gyirong Port by overland? Is it safe?

Hi, i'm interested in your Llhasa to Kathmanu tour in August. (or viceversa)

The question is: the road from Llhasa to Kathmandu, by Gyrong Port, is NOW open and safe?



Answered by Nancy

Dear Mr. Te***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. We only have the group tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu via Mt. Everest, and no group tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa as it is hard to collect enough people to form a group, if you would like to it from Kathmandu to Lhasa, we have to provide you the private tour service. Since you would go back to Kathmandu after the tour, so I think you can choose to fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu. No worry, the road is safe, just a little bit muddy in rain season, if the road will be cut off by the flood or heavy rain, there will be having helicopter service from the border to Kathmandu, and we had clients did this before in rainy season Aug.
Would you please kindly let me know when you would like to come to Tibet? At present we have the 7days group tour on 5th Aug and we have people booked it already. For other date, no body booked it yet, and we can open the date based on yours if you can confirm it early. Best regards.

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