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When to get my Tibet permit

For a normal Tibet tour, including tours to Mt. Everest, permit application must be carried out 15 days before the trip starts. The permit application checking and approval takes about 8 days, because not only Tibet Tourism Bureau but also Tibet Public Security Bureau will check all the documents carefully. So, it’s about 7 days before the trip the permit can be issued to your Tibet tour operator. The Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept very early application, like 20 or 30 days before the trip, so it’s impossible for you to get your permit very early.

             Rough schedule to get your Tibet permit depends on your entry
 Day 1 Submit permit application to the Tibet Tourism Bureau
 Day 2- 7 Permit application check & approval by different governmental departments
 Day 8-9 Obtain permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau & send the permit by email to those who take train into Lhasa; print the permit out (get it)
 Day 10- 12 Courier the original permit to a hotel in China for those who take flight into Lhasa; claim the permit at the hotel reception (get it)
 Day 13-15 Take flight to Lhasa with original permit

Your Tibet tour operator will either courier or email you the permit depends on how your enter Lhasa (flight or train); original permit is required if enter by flight while permit printout is ok if enter by train, to conclude, it will be about 4 days before the trip you can get the original permit if you take flight as the courier process takes 3 days; while, it will be about 7 days before the trip you can get the permit sent to you by email if you take train.

The above mentioned case (time for permit) couldn’t be more common from April to October, and it will be earlier to get the permit from November to February during the low season of Tibet tourism as there are not many permit applications have to be done by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Sometimes, you can even get the permit 10 days before the trip.

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