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6 Days Holy Sky Lake Tour

Price from $620 per person
6 Days 2-12 Pax Click view Departure
Lhasa - Namtso Lake -Yangpachen Hotspring - Lhasa
Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Backhor Street, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Namtso Lake, Yangpachen Hotspring
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Trip Day By Day

Day 1 Arrival & Acclimatization
Day 2 Lhasa City Tour
Day 3 Lhasa City Tour
Day 4 Lhasa - Namtso Lake
Day 5 Namtso Lake - Lhasa
Day 6 Tour Ends

Tour features:
1. Visit all the holy cultural landmarks in Lhasa
2. Three days’ acclimation before reaching the sky lake
3. Nomad grassland views along the snow-capped mountains in northern Tibet
4.Enjoy the amazing sunset and sunrise views over the sky lake
5. A chance to dip yourself in the most famous hot-spring in Tibet

Trip Overview

This 6 days Holy Sky Lake small group tour features the historic holy city of Lhasa as well as the picturesque holy Sky Lake of Namtso. Start easy in Lhasa from its historic palaces and monasteries, tourists can smoothly acclimatize themselves while visiting the city for the first 3 days. No matter visit the sacred sites of Potala Palace and Johkang Temple, stroll on the bazaar-like Barkhor Street full of pilgrims, or step into a tranquil monastery of only sutra chanting, you can easily tell the difference of this awe-inspiring plateau holy city from others. Namtso Lake, nearly 5000 meters high, is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. It’s more commonly known as the Sky Lake as it’s just so high, so pure and so blue, just like sky falls on earth. Leaving Lhasa northward to Namtso Lake, you can see stylistic northern Tibet nomadic views with flocks of yaks and sheep grazing on endless pastures, the huge snowcapped Nyinchen Tangula ranges extends all the way till the holy lake. With impressive Nyingchen Tangula Mountain in background, the holy Sky Lake looks more magnificent. The highlights of this tour then will be the sunset and sunrise view over the Namtso Lake; also on the way back, one can choose to dip himself into the most famous hot spring in Tibet under the snowy mountain to relax.
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Detailed Itinerary


Schedule today: Arrival in Lhasa at airport or train station, pick-up and transfer to hotel for acclimatization, or you can have your free time hanging out at this holy city to get the first impression of Tibet.


Highlights: Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Backhor Street

Schedule today: In the morning, visit the symbol or landmark of Lhasa-Potala Palace, the successive Dalai Lama's winter residence. In the afternoon, visit the center of Tibetan Buddhism-Johkang Temple, where you will come across lots of devoted pilgrimages coming from every corner of Tibet. Both sites are under the list of the world cultural heritages by the UNISCO. Afterwards, you will have your own free time wandering around the Barkchor Street, the oldest bazaar in Tibet.


Highlights: Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery

Schedule today: In the morning, we will visit Drepung Monastery which is the biggest Tibetan Buddhism College with the biggest number of monks in Tibet. The monastery used to be the winter residence of the Dalai Lama before the 5th Dalai Lama moved his residency to the Potala Palace. And in the afternoon, we will visit another influential Gelugpa Monastery-Sera Monastery, where the largest scale of scripture debating among monks is famous all across Tibet. We will watch the debate session and under the meaning of their gestures with the help your guide.


Highlights: Nomad views, Namtso Lake (sunset)

Schedule today: In the morning after breakfast around 9 AM, our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel, and then drive north towards the Sky Lake of Namtso. The landscapes from Lhasa to Namtso Lake are impressive. After passing Yangpachen, Nyenchen Thanglha snow mountain ranges stands left all the way, at the foot of the mountain is vast grassland. In summer (May to August), the nomads settle down on grassland with their tents, flocks of sheep and yaks here and there. Namtso Lake is 1 of 4 holy lakes in Tibet and also the highest salt lake (alt.5000 meters), which earns its name as Sky Lake. Sometimes, you could see pilgrim do a kora around this holy lake, and hiking around the lake and Tashi Island is very enjoyable. The sunset and night views by the lake is so amazing that attract many photographers each year.


Highlights: Namtso Lake (sunrise), Yangpachen Hotspring

Schedule today: If you want to watch the fabulous sunrise views over the Namtso Lake, wake up early, you will never regret doing that if weather permits. You may take a short rest or hiking before driving back to Lhasa. We will have lunch in Damxung, on the way, if you are interested in taking a bath at Yangpachen hotspring besides the snowy mountain; you could do that on your own, self-paid for the hotspring fee.


Departure transfer to train station or airport. Welcome to Tibet next time.

Price Guide

April - June.25 June.26 - August September - Oct.15 Oct.16 - March
USD 630 p/p USD 720 p/p USD 680 p/p USD 600 p/p
What's included in this price?
1. Free group pick-up from airport & free group drop-off from hotel, BUT only three times available, surcharge (RMB 450) occurs if your flight schedule does not meet the free transfer time. Stay at airport for 1-2 hours to await other tourists is possible since this is a group pick-up service.
Group Pick-up Time at airport 09:30 - 10:30 12:30 - 13:30 15:30 - 16:30
Group Drop-off Time leaving hotel 06:30 from hotel 08:30 from hotel 12:30 from hotel
A. The drive length is about one hour between airport and downtown
B. It’s free to have pickup and drop-off between train station and downtown
2. English speaking local Tibetan Guide.
3. Well maintained vehicle throughout the whole tour.
4. All Tibet traveling permits concerned, such as TTP and PSB.
5. Clean and comfortable 3 star standard hotels with private bath room and breakfast in Lhasa, guesthouse (dorm bed) at Namtso Lake.
Lhasa (Day1,2,3,5) Yak Hotel or Gangyen Hotel  3*
Namtso Lake (Day4) Guesthouse or Yak hair tent Basic
6. Oxygen supply on Vehicle.
7. Delivery fee of Tibet permits.
8. Guide and driver's food and accommodations.
What's excluded in this price?
1. Entrance fee to all the scenic spots mentioned.
(Potala Palace = RMB200, Johkang Temple=RMB 85, Drepung Monastery = RMB 60, Sera Monastery= RMB 50, Namtso Lake= RMB 150, amounts to RMB 535 = USD 80 totally)
2. Lunches and dinners.
3. Tips for the tour guide and driver.
4. Bank service fee when you transfer deposit to our company.
5. Air or train tickets into and out of Lhasa

Departures 2018

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Other Travelers' Questions

The questions raised by our past customers can help you get a more clear picture about tours to Tibet, read them or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side, our specialists will reply you within 24 hours.

user portrait Ms. michelle stone from: 10 Days Tibet Mt. Everest Base Camp plus Namtso Lake Group Tour
I am looking for a tour that is mostly trekking to EBC and back. I would also like to camp or stay in more rustic accommodations. Is there something like that you offer?
Answered by Daniel

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. You can take a short trekking at EBC, the distance is around 4km from Rongbuk Monastery to tent. At EBC, you'll stay in tent or local guesthouse where you can experience the rustic accommodations. (Top Things to Do Near EBC) Please check your email for more details. Best wishes, Helen.

Email to Daniel about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Ms. claudia from: 4 Days Lhasa Holy Landmarks Express
Hi. I would like to take the 4 day tour in september but I will be travelling prior to this. What is the shortest amount of time possible to get the visa (china/tibet)?
Answered by Daniel

Dear Claudia,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. The shortest time you can get your Chinese visa is 5 working days. And the Tibet permit application usually needs 15-20 days. Please check your email for more details. Best regards, Daniel.

Email to Daniel about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Ms. Ivana from: 4 Days Lhasa Holy Landmarks Express
I need a tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa and back, 4-6 days, leaving 1/5 or 2/5.  Do you have something like that?
Answered by Daniel

Dear Ivana,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. We currently have one departure date on 1st May for 4 days Lhasa Holy City Tour. Welcome you to Join our tour! Please check your email for more details. Best wishes, Daniel.

Email to Daniel about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Mr. Hamma from: 8 Days Tibet Mt. Everest Base Camp Group Tour
Hi there,

i got your addy from a friend of mine. He recommends u as a good company and did the Lhasa to EBC Tour within 8 days 2012. I tried to do this in 2012 as well. Unfortunately my booking was canceled because of a permanent ban from the Chinese government. Now my next try. I would like to go in the middle of June. Is there any restriction this year again? I’m going with the train coming from Beijing and back by airplane. What is the price for me and for the trip?
Thanks in advance

best regards

Answered by Daniel

Dear Kevin,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. There is no permanent ban this year at present, so it's no problem for you to travel Tibet in June. And we exactly have departure date in the middle of June for the 8-day EBC tour. And we are happy to help book train ticket for you. Please check your email for more details. Best regards, Daniel.

Email to Daniel about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

user portrait Ms. Bridget from: 10 Days Tibet Mt. Everest Base Camp plus Namtso Lake Group Tour
Hi, how does food work - im see no meals are included, what would you need to take/can you get food there etc?
Answered by Helen

Dear Bridget,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. In Lhasa, there are many kinds of restaurants for you to choose. But out of Lhasa, the number of restaurant is less than in Lhasa, our guide will take you to restaurant, you can order what you want. When you go to EBC, you can bring your own food such as bread, instant noodles, biscuits. and there are also few small restaurant here, they offer some simple food like pancakes, fried rice, boiled eggs, etc. For more details, please check your email. Best regards, Helen.

Email to Helen about any question or tell us your own questions via the form on the right side

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