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Budget Tibet Tour.Com prides itself on excellent customer service. Below, we've provided several methods for you to get in touch with our professional trip advisors. We've also listed some frequently asked questions, which often will save you the trouble of a phone call. Please review the frequently asked questions, and if your question is not answered there, don't hesitate to give our trip advisors a call. Your advisor is also available by email.

Useful Tips:

Tibet Permit
  • Only a valid passport and Chinese Visa is enough to apply for a Tibet travel permit, better not to fill Tibet at the itinerary part on your visa application form, otherwise your application maybe denied.
  • Better to give your valid passport and Chinese Visa ( copied or pictured ) 10 days ahead of your tour departure time to make sure that your agent got enough time to both apply for and deliver the permit to you.
  • The original permit is only required when you take plane into Tibet, your agent will only give a scanned or pictured copy of the original one if you take train into Tibet, you are kindly required to print it out.
Tour Guide
  • Though a tour guide is compulsory in Tibet, he or she will not be your 24-hour nanny, you can still have your own free time just by promising him or her you will not visit scenic spots individually. Or your guide and agent will be in great trouble if you were caught by police visiting scenic spots without guide.
  • As to the origination and arrangement of the whole tour even during your stay in Tibet, if you have any special requirement, please contact your trip advisor directly. Your guide only takes responsibility of explaining monastery or mountains to you, he or she maybe not fully aware of the complicated and changeful travel rules in Tibet.
  • If your budget is tight, you can book no vehicle rental from your agent while just touring in Lhasa, because Lhasa is really a small city, from Potala Palace to Johkang Temple only costs 15 minutes by walking. Yet, to monasteries on the outskirts of the city only cost 3-4 dollars by taxi.
  • Suggest you book land cruiser from your agent if you plan travel to areas like Nagri or Mt. Everest as the road there is bumpy. Actually other common vehicles also work, but of course not as comfortable as a land cruiser.
  • Airport or train station Pick-up is compulsory in Tibet, but you can arrange the leaving by yourselves, it saves some money if you take taxi to train station or airport shuttle to the airport.
  • Compared with hotels in other cities, the condition of hotels in Tibet is not good yet room rate is high. We suggest you book hostel or budget guesthouse by yourself after your arrival in Tibet. There are lots of rooms available costing less than USD10 per bed.
  • At some remote areas, there is no hotel at all but just some budget guesthouse, if you care the hygiene very much, better bring your own sleeping bag.
  • Most of hotels in Tibet have no access to internet
  • Better not to take shower while travelling in Tibet in case catching a cold. If you really need one, make sure the bathroom is warm and hot enough
  • There is Tibetan, Chinese and Nepalese food available in Tibet. Generally, it cost you USD 10 on all meals per day in Lhasa if you do not go to luxury ones. Yet, it may cost you USD 15 per day on meals once you travel outside of Lhasa as the price is higher at those remote areas.
  • Better to bring some snacks of high protein and calories in case you need it as the temperature may become low soon. Such snacks including chocolate, beef jerky, nutlet and instant coffee.
Altitude Brief
Lhasa: 3650m
Shigatse: 3836m
Gyantse: 4040m
Tingri: 4300m
EBC: 5200M
Namtso: 4760m
Tsedang: 3500m
Nyingchi: 3000m

Travel Buzz:

  • In this year (2013), all kinds of permits for overland tours from China proper to Tibet have been suspended, that is to say you are unable to have overland tours from China proper to Lhasa in 2010.
  • A boat capsized in the Lake Palgon, Nagri, Tibet, 4 out of 10 tourists died, and 2 missing.
  • The earthquake happened in Yushu does not affect the Qinghai-Tibet railway; you can still enter Tibet by train from any city in China.

Tibet Weather:

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